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RAJIN 05-11-2011 04:42 AM

/naruto 538 spoiler
Well, looks like plenty of dialogue between Naruto and the Kyuubi. Bit of a surprise. Kyuubi telling Naruto how he'll end up like Nagato and Naruto obviously refuting that claim saying how he'll deal with the war and Sasuke

Page 1
Text: The unexpected appearance of Kyuubi! What is his aim...?!
Chapter 538: Cross-examination

Kyuubi: I've always been here inside you, and I've always come to see you but.../What you always are, Naruto, is naive.
Naruto: You've reverted back a little bit to your original self with my chakra/ But this is a bit unusual for you Kyuubi, YOU being the one coming to talk to me/
Naruto: I understand you finally got a bit lonely and want someone to chat with and all/ But save it for later cause right now I'm busy!

Page 2
Naruto: Don't you keep on taking me lightly!

Page 3
Sign: Ninja Academy

Kid 1: Go!
Kid 2: Good luck!

Naruto: I wonder who I'll go up against?/ Hm, which one of these guys will be it?!

Page 4

Chouji: Sorry Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: It's alright. You were just out of your element there...and I was a handful too.

Iruka: A~~nd next we have up Uzumaki Naruto!/ ...As well as Uchiha Sasuke. Step up you two!

Girl 1: Sasuke-kun!
Girl 2: Sasuke-kun!

Ino: Good luck Sasuke-kun!
Sakura: Beat the crap outta him! Shannaro!

Naruto: What's up this guy being so cool! Dammit! If I beat the popular guy, I'll be popular then!

Page 5

Naruto: Hmph!
Sasuke: We doing this or what, loser!
Iruka: Ey hey! That's enough you guys!

Kid 1: Naruto is the worst of the worst!
Kid 2: What the hell's up with him?!
Naruto: Bleh!

Page 6

Naruto: You're the one who's naive!
Kyuubi: Why do you possess such boldness, despite not having saved Sasuke?
Naruto: Once I resolved myself, any doubts I had were over! I'll show you, I'll do something about Sasuke, and I'll deal with this war!

RAJIN 05-11-2011 04:44 AM

Re: /naruto 538 spoiler
took from http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....8-spoiler.html


The following talk takes place within Naruto's mind.
9B commences Naruto in a talk:
"War. Hatred. You'll end up just like Nagato.
And, as always, you are too soft. If not, take this seal and... (undo it)
Naruto: "Don't underestimate me. I'll do something about both Sasuke and the war."

Duncan33 05-11-2011 04:46 AM

Naurto 538 Spoilers
No Discussions in this thread! Spoilers only!

Spoiler Discussion Thread:


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Duncan33 05-11-2011 04:51 AM

Re: Naurto 538 Spoilers
More Pics!

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