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Marlboro 05-11-2011 02:00 PM

Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
Predict Away!

kael03 05-11-2011 02:14 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
I predict Kishi's plummet into Ecchi works will continue at a breakneck pace.

Tmoore 05-11-2011 02:22 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
did anyone notice how fast he did the seal?

k-lai 05-11-2011 03:23 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
I predict the kyuubi asks naruto to do it to him one more time lol

Konnaha_yellow_flash 05-11-2011 06:18 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
Uummm, lets see... Something off the wall.

How about sasukes finishes healing, contacts karin and has her summon him right into Konaha using that snake scroll suigetsu used before. Turns out before sasuke stabbed karin and danzou, sasuke caught karin in a genjutsu to talk, karin told sasuke konaha shinobi are on the way so sasuke hatched the plan to fake a betrayal and have karin taken into konaha as a prisoner.

Yea, that!!

jericho Uzimaki 05-11-2011 06:22 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
Finish his talk with the Kyuubi. They might have one last fight, which might subdue the Kyuubi fully.(in a "okay, your a bad ass, Naruto" way.

I did realize how quick he opened and rearranged the cage with just a thought. i think that Uzumakis have a Muscle memory kind of thing going on. being formidable with seals maybe a do it once we can do it easier the next time type of thing.

freedom07 05-11-2011 06:43 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
i like it KYF but fat chance

Rasenganja 05-11-2011 06:43 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
I predict sasuke development..
we havent seen him in a long time that would be a nice treat.

Konnaha_yellow_flash 05-11-2011 07:36 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by freedom07 (Post 1947357)
i like it KYF but fat chance

three things that bothered me and make me wonder about this outcome.

1. Even while focusing on danzou, how could karin not of noticed the konaha team heading theyre way when they were so close. With her abilities with sensing, plus her track record of already knowing the team was of konaha origin. She shouldve been able to sense them comming IMO.

2. sasuke sporting of the MS eye, but using a chidori instead of amaterasu
Sasuke had the chakra and ability to still use his tsukuyomi eye, but didnt activate it. Why??

3. sasuke while having little trouble with naruto without use of his MS wants to use the power of the EMS against naruto. Why? Sasuke wihtou use of his SG was evenly matched with naruto and with no knowledge of his MS, sasuke has no reason to want even more power then he displayed against danzou unless his goal is someone much stronger like madara. Granted his vision is blurry now, but thats no reason to want ultimate power against an opponent u had no real trouble with without use of the basic SG. Clearly sasuke wants the EMS for a reason other then a fight with naruto.

IMO, 1. karin did sense the konaha team drawing near, but only informed sasuke in a genjutsu or when sasuke bit karin so as to not alert madara and come up with a plan to enter koanah without madara knowing.

2. Sasuke activated his MS because he needed to see through karin, while still being able to see karins vital areas and attack her through a nonvital area while still being able to hit danzous heart. I mean if sasuke didnt really care if karin died he couldve amaterasued both and that wouldve been the end of it. I think the goal was to convince madara of sasukes lack of care for karin by seemingly trying to kill her with danzou so to allow karin to escape madaras watchful eye.

3. Sasuke wants to read the SO6Ps tablet with the EMS in order to gain more knowledge on what madaras capable of so he can come up with an effective strategy to kill him because madara has to be #1 on sasuke revenge list. Itachi didnt trust him and revealed madaras part in everything so sasuke must be gaining EMS to take madara out and using naruto as a decoy.

Thats my take on it. I see sasukes comrade at his destination and capable of a T/S jutsu to transfer sasuke where ever she is. and not to mention it would make this scene of a warn out, severely injured danzou out maneuvering a just healed sasuke like it was nothing

If sasuke missed on purpose to let karin be taken hostage so he could make madara believe hes lost any use for karin so she could be taken by konaha team back to the village and sasuke could get summoned after attaining EMS. and the whoel thing couldve been discussed here while bitting karin (notice sasukes Tsukuyomi is still active during the healing process)

Theyre up to something, Im telling ya.

Shadowblade 05-11-2011 11:25 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
Excessive Rainbows.

jts105 05-11-2011 11:29 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by Shadowblade (Post 1947437)
Excessive Rainbows.

Makes more sense than KYF's...idk what it is. An explanation? An analysis? o.O

Shadowblade 05-11-2011 11:33 PM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by jts105 (Post 1947438)
Makes more sense than KYF's...idk what it is. An explanation? An analysis? o.O

Holding hands
Same Sex Romance
Ninjas becoming Hippies
Effeminate Speeches
Censoring Battles or Skipping them

The big one is Naruto cuddling that fox. No battles as of late. Just the above I've mentioned.

gringie 05-12-2011 12:23 AM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
choji getting owned by madara's summoned monster and naruto saving the day....

jeanericuser 05-12-2011 12:42 AM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
539: The foolishness of man

The kyubi looks at Naruto and laughs at what Naruto has just said.

Kyubi: "What you say now is no different than what Nagato said when he created akatsuki. You are still gonna end up like him if you think you can just change the world with a few words and a dream."
Naruto: "Than what would you have me do? Run away from those who would threaten my life or the lives of my friends?"

The kyubi laughs once again as it moves away from the bars.

Kyubi: "No but there is another way. You eliminate the source of the problem as it should have been done long ago."
Naruto: "?"
Kyubi: "Maybe it is time I share a memory of my own with you. Place your hand upon my head."

Naruto looks at the kyubi with a suspicious look as the kyubi moves its head close to the bars.

Naruto: "Ok but if you try anything Im outta here."

Naruto comes to the bars and places his hand on the kyubi's head. Suddenly naruto finds himself standing at the shore of a lake. Around him naruto sees the lake is covered with rotted dead trees and bodies of countless creatures that have come to the lake at some point. Naruto looks at the lakes and grimaces as he sees the rotten decay around him. The kyubi appears behind naruto and looks towards the center of the lake with a contemptous face.

Naruto: "What is this place?"
Kyubi: "This is where it all began. Deep in this lake sits an ancient fissure. A fissure that has existed since long before your people even existed."
Naruto: "What happened here?"
Kyubi: "A corruption that even now still exists. Come and see where it all began."

Naruto suddenly feels himself zooming fast underwater until he is right next to what looks like a deep rocky chasm that seems to have no bottom. As naruto looks deeper over the edge he sees something in the unclear distance looking back at him in the darkness of the bottom. Naruto shivers as he looks into the deep chasm.

Kyubi: "It is here that the juubi crossed into our world. Its evil was so great that it had ripped a hole out of its own dimension and into yours."
Naruto: "What is that down there?"
Kyubi: "A portal to a world of total darkness and corruption where all life is dead. It is a portal to the realm of the juubi."

Naruto turns around to face the kyubi who is looking down with an angry look at the chasm.

Naruto: "Why are you showing me this? What is so important about this portal?"

Naruto suddenly feels the water vanish around him and finds himself high up on the cliff ledge of a mountain. As he looks on in the distance, Naruto sees a male ninja fighting a giant tailed beast as it struggles to get to him as he moves up the mountain.

Naruto: "What is that?"
Kyubi: "That is one of my few memories I have from when I was still a part of the juubi. All of the bijuu share this memory as a bitter sweet moment."
Naruto: "What is happening?"
Kyubi: "Watch."

The rikudo senin does a series of hand signs and suddenly as if on que he floats above the ground. The juubi repeatedly slashes at the rikudo senin from a distance but he easily dodges it while continuing to hold a hand sign as cracks begin to form in the mountain. The mountain begins crumble as pieces float high above into the sky to form into a ball which the rikudo senin stands on while the juubi tries to maintain a grip as the mountain breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces. The rikudo senin jumps to another cliff near by as the juubi struggles to move to him. Suddenly the rocks speed rapidly towards the balls pulling the juubi toward it. The juubi struggles as it gets pulled inside the ball as it continues to grow in size. As the ball finishes forming only the face of the juubi is still visable from within the rock. Naruto gasps as if in recognition to what he has just witnessed.

Kyubi: "It is at that moment when your rikudo senin made his one biggest mistake. He never thought to consider returning the juubi to where it belonged."

Naruto finds himself standing on the roof of a burning building looking as down as a fight between a male jinchuriki with a red aura with two tails and several ninjas occurs in the streets. The ninjas try desperately to stop the jinchuriki with primative weapons but are no match for him. As the fight progresses naruto looks around to see the whole village is in flames and the sounds of destruction echoing through the area. The fox is standing on a nearby building watching the destruction below.

Kyubi: "The humans he so foolishly entrusted with the greatest gift instead abused his gift and thus began as your people call it The first ninja war. It was in the end his greatest folly to ever think humans were ready for the gift that was given to them."

Naruto finds himself back at the cage with his hand still on the kyubi's head. The kyubi moves away and looks at Naruto.

Naruto: "What exactly did you have in mind?"
Kyubi: "Now listen to what I tell you for it may yet be your best way to end this war."

540: Naruto arrives at the battlefield

gringie 05-12-2011 12:48 AM

Re: Naruto539 predictions/spoilers
matter of fact the raikage and the fifth hokage catches up to naruto and killer bee

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