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Skullbat01 07-16-2011 01:32 AM

Fairytail 243

what the FRAK

Spiegel 07-16-2011 02:15 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Hades went straight for the support magician. Smart strategy, not that it mattered anyways since he's overly powerful. I really want to see how they are all going to get out of this. I see Natsu transforming or something to like a real dragon or some crazy shit. Either that or Zeref will lend a hand here.

uzumakinagato 07-16-2011 03:28 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
I wonder why Hades looked so surprised by their attacks, maybe it's a way to acknowledge their power.
The rest of the ch was pretty much expected, we all knew that it would be something like this still it's pretty cool seeing the all out attacks of everyone.
Damn that was weird when Hades called them Makarov's babies.
And for the people who are worried that Wendy is died, well if you are worried then you don't know Hiro's style, NO WAY SHE'S DIED.
No one of the fairy's is gonna die, maybe Makarov but that's it.
Btw where's makarov right now ?

Bazooka_Joe 07-16-2011 03:50 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Isn't Makarov unconscious with the rest- so called defense team? (Levy, Lisanna, Bixlow)

Loke 07-16-2011 03:57 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Still wondering, why he went to use that "Katsu" thingy instead of heading straight for Grimoire Law. I guess, he's still being really cocky (-> maybe the typical villain mistake, wanting to make them feel, how powerful he is - which could eventually heavily backfire on him) or this is part of the plot armor/induced boss stupidity.

Well, despite that, we have seen some great action. (And in the end, we all know, that Wendy isn't done for. That's just not Hiro's style :) )

Skullbat01 07-16-2011 04:01 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
^frankly I think it was a teleport spell
that still works with spiegels theory we have seen dragon slayers take massive amounts of abuse so a direct attack might not cut it short of GL

I just felt like encouraging the shock factor ( as for the cloths its a spell that was directed at the person and her possesions are left behind ala terminator time travel skin ?)

but one thing erked me How does he know who the support mage is?

Loke 07-16-2011 04:29 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Maybe he has noticed Wendy casting her supportive spells. Or he didn't specifically try to aim at the supportive mage at all, but just at a random person among his opponents.

As for her cloths, maybe he didn't exactly "teleport" her, but desintegrated her into all these "light orbs" that flew away from her former position. I mean, no transportation in the way of Terminator time travel, no "whole body", but perhaps more of a "conversion" (to whatever and whereever he brought her by that). We have already seen quite some kinds of weird lost magic. However, I am intrigued by the fact, that he easily affected a living being in such a direct way. That has not happened until now.

platinumrug 07-16-2011 05:27 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Interesting indeed, I think it's hilarious he went for Wendy first. Also if any of you noticed, the next chapter is called "Thunder Crashes" could be something about Laxus maybe?? Hopefully lol. I liked the chapter, and I don't think that hades looked surprised for his own benefit, I think he did it to give them the illusion that they were doing something big. Only to step out of the cloud of smoke and just obliterate them.

This IS the guy that defeated Makarov like he was nothing, I would've taken my ass to japan or wherever Hiro is hold up and bitch smacked him if Hades seriously got hurt by any of that garbage lol.

k-lai 07-16-2011 05:45 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
If he's so powerful why attack the lil girl?

platinumrug 07-16-2011 05:50 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
If I recall, she's the only support character. Think about it, she can heal people and shit with her wind magic right? The logical choice is to eliminate her first, no wendy, no healing of anyone.

Loke 07-16-2011 06:39 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
I think, he was indeed actually surprised about their strength and the resulting unison raid. Not in a way of thinking, that they might be really dangerous to him. No, I think, he was just surprised, because in the beginning, he thought of all FT members as Makarov's weak children. Yet his seven kins and Bluenote were disposed of in the end. And now he witnesses first-hand, why that could happen. So it was just some kind of an acknowledgement IMHO.

Something about my own Grimoire Law question just slipped my mind. Hades only used it to counter Makarov's Fairy Law. IIRC, he (as Purehito) was the inventor of FL and the one, who said something along the lines, that FL was meant to discourage the enemy. And that it should not just be used, whenever the caster feels like it (correct me, if I'm wrong here).
My point is: He didn't use it (yet?). This might just be his big confidence. But maybe he did still retain some of his 'former honor' afterall? I mean, he kind of apologized to Makarov for all this, too... To sum it up, maybe Hades is not a really bad person deep down and there will be some redeem for him (ref. Darth Vader ^^).

This is not meant as a prediction or anything (too far-fetched for that). I'm just curious, what you all think about this or if there are any further pros/cons :)

ACt 07-16-2011 08:37 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Interesting. A good fight, some strategy with the flying cats and some baffling combo attacks - when did they have so much time to work with such synergy? Especially Wendy. Oh well.

It was obvious that Hades wasn't going to be hurt this chapter, though he at times seemed surprised by their skill. Can't say why, these are the people that took out his Seven whoevers.

Wendy going out was hilarious - just split apart, leaving her clothes behind. Which obviously sets up a lolli moment once she's respawned without her clothes. Oh Hiro - the lengths you'll go to. Mest is a teleport guy, maybe he intervened, which means he could interject himself and then set up to be beat down. With Hades, they'll need someone stronger or someone with illusion techniques, he is an option.

Thunder crashes, eh? I'm not sure what Laxus is going to be able to do, but we'll see. Perhaps hold Hades off until Natsu can power up to full dragon.

Other options could be Cana and her Fairy Glitter - I mean really, that was a pretty big let down. It did nothing! NOTHING! Though she'll probably go find Gildartz first for an acknowledgment scene that will allow her to master glitter.

Buck09 07-16-2011 09:01 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Well the fight was awesome went pretty much as i said in the last prediction thread.

As for Hades looking surprise I'm going to guess it was a mixture of three things,

1. He was putting some sort of act on.

2. He was generally surprised, hes been mocking this 'Fairy Tail' most of the arc, and for them to come and been his best troops Bluenote and the Seven Kin, but still have the fight in them to perform these kind of combos and attacks in there current state.I mean come on they pulled of a three man Unision Raid (( might be wrong but i counted Natsu in the raid )) which is supposed to be near impossible, still love it though.

3. My third reason is actually about Wendy herself, Im guessing like Makarov he is very good at sensing a Mages Magic level, or how much magic they possibly have, (( See the chpater were Natsu is transformed into a Salamander, Maka was able to sense it was Macao the whole time. )). Anyways I think he was able to sense that there attacks werent that big of a deal, but was able to sense Wendy's support Sky Magic and saw that it would be a potential threat. Also lets not forget apparently Wendy has a name for herself as Zero or Brian was able to recognise her and that she has the ability to use Sky Magic to heal someone, he might have known that too.

And lastly I have been guessing Laxus is quite close for awhile now hence the current 'Thunder Storm' the next chapter will hopefully be him arriving on the Island. And he will kick some ass, a Thunder Storm is going and hes a Fake Dragon Slayer, he can eat the Thunder to power himself up or I have this idea hes going to pull off a new move which involves the Natural thunder around them.

Gakure 07-16-2011 11:16 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Nice. They got off with a punch to Hades but the charade ends here. Dude has not even started and wendy is lost, may be cos she was the weakest(art of war anyone).

I was actually looking forward to Natsu and Wendy combining their dragon roar attacks(fire+wind) after their first hit on Hades, only for her to be sniffled out like a chicken.

Next issue shd be amazing cos of the title. Laxus' + Gildartz appearing would of great help to them.

Did they even think of being able to beat Marakov b4 they were going for the who easily took him out?

ACt 07-16-2011 11:55 AM

Re: Fairytail 243
Well, while the convention is that the bad guy can resist any onslaught until someone powers up to his level, in truth, the combination of powerful attacks by less powerful mages should be enough to do some damage and perhaps defeat a more powerful foe - that's a simple truth. You can be the best swordsman in all the land, but put you up against eight men with swords, you're probably going to lose based on your own limitations.

So, I would/will not be upset if the group attack works at some point, but the nature of these stories is to follow the themes, tropes and cliches that are rampant in fantasyetc - they throw their best, doesn't work, all looks lost and then a hero/helper steps in, someone raises their game and defeats the big bad one on one. My guess is kid Zeref intervenes and Natsu unleashes the dragon power to defeat Hades, with Zeref disappearing int he end (i.e. the true Zeref begins to awake and that becomes the new focus, after Laxus has his "hey dad - what the fuck did you do to me" arc).

But just a prediction and I'm interested to see how we get there and be disappointed with the power of friendship is the reason for the win.

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