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Deo Death 09-02-2005 09:23 PM

The print shop
Hey, welcome to the print shop! The print shop is a collaborative manga "shop" on NL. Please notice that there are no capitalizations in the name. Okay, so... As I said, it's a collaborative art shop on NL. Artists can submit comics and drawings to the print shop and anyone who would like to see the art fully can pay a small fee in NL points, not real money. What makes it collaborative is the fact that ANYONE can submit a work to the shop and If you're Popular enough then you might even be featured on the top 3 list. Here's the list so far

AssassiVol.1 | ReleaseDateTBA | DeoDeath | PrntShp | 100 points

Please help us by submitting your Comic, pseudo manga, doujinshi(NO HENTAI), and prints.

HOW TO BUY: PM me with an aquisition and I'll tell you who to pay to if you don't know.

HOW TO SELL: PM me with an aquisition and I'll publsh your work but our logo goes on it =[

OR: Pay the shop 100 points and you can publish all your stuff at the shop one time payment. You need to put your logo on atleast ONE release and PM me when you want to put up a preview and release.

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