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Buck09 09-24-2011 10:59 PM

For all the Fairy Tail Fans
Hey this is for anybody who reads / watches Fairy Tail
Part 1

Its the first Ep introducing the S-Class Arc, was quite a good episode basically introduction plus the Cana & Lucy Vs Fried & Bickslow, ending with Natsu just about to start fighting Gildarts.

Reason I'm posting is because the fight doesnt go by the manga and its quite funny how they do it.

Also why didnt Lucy bring out Sargitarus to take out Bickslows dolls only just dawned on me in this Ep, last time they fought he was a disadvantage cause they were atop a toy store so Bickslow could continue to put souls in the douls, were as here hes only got the four.

Anyways enjoy the ep !

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