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the_fat_alchemist 10-05-2005 12:43 PM

On Kabuto, his background, and why Oro left the Akatsuki...
Some manga spoilers, so if you don't read that, don't read this.)

All right, hear me out. I know there are already 62,397,031 theory threads on Kabuto, his origins, his bloodline, his sexual orientation, and his myopia. But I can't recall seeing this exact theory posted anywhere, and includes a lot of specific details, so... you be the judge. Maybe it's not original, but I thought it was worth a shot.


This is how it goes down: Kabuto is born to a dwindling shinobi village that is bordering on desperation. They seal a bijuu into baby Kabuto either before or right after his birth, as with Naruto and Gaara. The plan is to raise him as their ultimate secret weapon in order to save their village and restore its former power and glory. So far so good.

Kabuto grows and does become powerful, as expected. His life, however, is not much different from those of the jinchuuriki we're already familiar with; he grows up hated and feared. And isolated--the village keeps his existence a careful secret, known to few even within their borders. Although they hate his presence, he is their trump card, all the same. Unfortunately for them, though, no secret is safe forever. One of the village's top shinobi, hungry for more power, starts sneaking around behind the village's back. He secretly joins the Akatsuki, and informs them of the existence and whereabouts of this new jinchuuriki.

The Akatsuki have already begun to formulate their plans for capturing and extracting bijuu, so the news of a target like Kabuto couldn't come at a better time. It is decided that Orochimaru will be the one to take Kabuto as his jinchuuriki, and so Oro heads over to the boy's village. With the aid of the other Akatsuki member, he spies on Kabuto for a few days, studying his strengths and weaknesses in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong with their kidnapping attempt. He's very impressed by what he sees of the boy--he's extremely intelligent, crafty, and a quick learner. He's also very strong for his age. When Orochimaru does capture him, despite the Sannin's power, he puts up resistance. Orochimaru is even more impressed.

They take him back to the hideout and prepare to extract the bijuu. But now Oro is thinking still more. He's never been all that interested in Akatsuki's schemes; he has his own plans for war and domination, and Akatsuki is not an essential piece of his puzzle. What's more, he has discovered--much to his dismay--that Uchiha Itachi (one of the reasons he's stayed in Akatsuki this long) is too strong for him to ever take over his body with his immortality jutsu. The threads tying him to the organization are unraveling fast.

And Kabuto, Oro is starting to think, may actually be more useful to him alive than dead. He has no great need for the power that the boy's bijuu offers. On the other hand, with ambitions of starting a new shinobi village, he is in need of strong followers. Kabuto is adept and clever, but also young enough for him to manipulate; a perfect candidate to mold into his future right-hand man. It could take years to find another, if he ever does at all.

Finally, Orochimaru decides to make his move. Moments before Kabuto is to be sacrificed, he intervenes, betraying the Akatsuki and leaving their ranks, taking his jinchuuriki with him as his prize. He doesn't escape unscathed, however--in the battle with the Akatsuki member from Kabuto's village, he loses an arm. It's no nevermind, though; he simply takes over a new body with his jutsu. Not Itachi's, but it will have to do. And he cripples Akatsuki more than they do him; with him no longer in their group, they lack the power to attempt to extract any of the other bijuu. For the time being their plans will have to wait.

On to Kabuto. When the boy regains consciousness, Orochimaru lays before him a proposition. He knows Kabuto has led a miserable life in his home village, raised as nothing more than their weapon, but ironically hated for those very gifts. Oro asks Kabuto to join him. He offers the chance to leave his old place and start a new life with a real purpose, where he can finally put his talent to real use, for someone who will appreciate it and acknowledge him. If nothing else, Orochimaru has always been a master at the art of manipulation, and the young Kabuto is as taken in by his spell as any of the others Orochimaru has ever convinced. He accepts.

They devise their plan. Kabuto returns to his home village and identifies the Akatsuki traitor, naming him as the kidnapper from whom he only barely managed to escape. His cover blown, the Akatsuki member is temporarily forced to flee. At the same time, Orochimaru once again puts his scheming abilities to good use. He instigates his home village, Konoha, into taking action to eliminate Kabuto's village once and for all.

The shinobi of Kabuto's village have no choice but to face off against Konoha. Although unprepared, they remain confident in their special trump card, and meet the Konoha nin in battle at Kikyo Pass. But when the moment of truth comes, instead of aiding them, their so-called trump card instead disappears, leaving them completely helpless and overwhelmed. They're wiped out... it's a total slaughter.

Almost, that is. In the aftermath of the battle, a medical jounin from the Yakushi clan discovers a young boy who has been gravely wounded. The injuries are all self-inflicted according to plan, of course, but the med nin has no way of knowing that. Already feeling the weight of that day's massacre bearing down on him, the jounin makes the decision to treat the boy and bring him back to Konoha. When Kabuto awakens, he claims to have no memory of the battle, or of anything else, for that matter. He's a good enough actor that eventually even the doubters are appeased, and feeling responsible for being the cause of the boy's amnesia and newfound orphan status, the village takes him in. He's adopted by the medical nin that found him, and raised from that point on to be a Konoha shinobi. What they don't know is that he's already Orochimaru's spy.


All right, so that's my theory. There are quite a few problems with it, of course, not the least of which being Kabuto's age. But wherever there's a plothole, there can usually be something found to seal it up if you try hard enough. There's no in-series evidence actually saying that Kabuto was a very young child when he was found at Kikyo Pass, except for Anko's statement about him being "a child of the enemy" (Toriyama's World, ch. 66, pg. 4). Which isn't really evidence at all if you think about it.

There is, however, some databook evidence. According to Kabuto's file, he graduated from the Academy at age 10. Which kind of royally screws up my theory right from the get-go, unfortunately. XD But we can always pretend the databook is maybe wrong, or Konoha's information on Kabuto's age is wrong, or la-dee-da. Or perhaps Oro worked out his plans with Kabuto back while he was still in the Akatsuki, and then left the group later on (6 years before the start of the series, to be precise). There are lots of little ways to fix it. And the main point is just to have a bit of fun speculating.

So... what do you think?

OG 10-05-2005 05:29 PM

err what? anywho, i think kabuto is someone that others underestimate:p...but then he doesnt seem to have the chakra of the others.....*i love kabuto:p*

the_fat_alchemist 10-05-2005 05:32 PM

OH note: this is not mine my cuz is to scared to make a account here and poste it his damn self so i posted for him to shut him the hell up

narutoeye 10-25-2005 02:55 PM

you changed ur picture lol.
it might be another way around.
the village takes him in. He's adopted by the medical nin that found him, and raised. then somehow kabuto connected to oro and became this spy.

as u said his age when brough to village determined which theory is right.

narutoeye 10-25-2005 03:03 PM

i have read all yr theories excellent.
according to ur theories does kabuto knows that he has genbo???

MrPwnzerz 10-25-2005 03:04 PM

I think this is a very good theory, one of the best I've ever heard. Good job.

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