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iyomi 10-17-2005 03:03 PM

share your funny expieriences.
this thread is about telleing what funny stuff happened to you. like to me, chineese and japaneese langauge is funny and hard to pronounce,(no ofence to chineese and japaneese people)so i hear my friend when she comes to school she have learned the language(from naruto episodes) and she speaks I CAN'T STOPLAUGHING, but i learned from here a bit.:p :D

angelwings 10-17-2005 03:21 PM

hmm.....gotta think on this one..

YoshiToshi 10-18-2005 05:32 AM

At school during lunch, I was playing with my best friend inside the girls bathroom, and we made someone call the teacher to come inside the bathroom. The both of use were hiding inside the shower. The teacher came in and out, calling us, and we were silently laughing. I opened the door, but a little too hard. It swung open, more than 180 degrees, and hit the wall behind it. I fell to the ground, and the door SHATTERED. it didn't just crack; it shattered off the hinges. My friend got a deep laceration on her wrist, and I got scarred right below my eye and on my cheek. I had a few cuts on my arms as well. The shattering was freakin loud. My teacher came in yelling, "What what that?!" (Christian school. Bet if it wasn't, she would've said WTF?!) Well, she found the both of us, and we had to go to the health room. Everyone saw the two of us bleeding, and it was the biggest thing that happened in the school's 10 years being here. But when we were in the health room waiting for the teachers and stuff, in bandages, we couldn't stop laughing. We actually lied to the teachers. I told them I tripped out, but I actually pushed it too hard. >.<
I kept saying, "My PS2! My PS2!!!" and fake crying in the obvious way. (I was supposed to get a PS2 for a present, but would've probably gotten grounded. That's why I was saying, My PS2!) We were laughing about all these stupid things, and talking about how much trouble we were going to get in, and how we were probably gonna get suspended. Funny thing is, we didn't get suspended, didn't get in trouble, and didn't even get a talk from the teacher or principals... NOTHING!! We got off the hook just like that, and I didn't even get grounded, either. :D First time I ever did anything seriously bad witout getting busted.

drunk_sea_monkey 10-18-2005 07:59 AM

hhmmm WHERE TO START!!!! well i have this gorilla stuffed animal in my closet And if fell down and i screamed.
The elevator jerked and i yelled ITS ALL OVER.
An egg popped while i was COOKING it and some went to the ceiling.
Me and a friend were running to see who could get to the car first and we were in his grandma's work and it was a hotel and he went to run out of the place by using the door but ran into the full window and fell down and went boom.
my friend (for some reason) was trying this kenshin move and he was running ( he was planning on running into the sofa and like flipping or tunr or something) and i threw a plant at him and he fell and went boom.
The first time i changed a baby he pissed all over me...
Have fallen down os many things so mnay times O_O
Fell and cut my lip on a juicy juice can..
Fell in the mall on those moving stairs.. all the way down...
Hit hte Alarm button on the moving Stairs another time.
But i have more i just can't think of the most funny... i am to much funny to have a most.... HMM gotta think on this one.... i WILL be back!

Mal 10-18-2005 08:05 AM

Well I guess I can tell this story again:

One tim my brother hand his friend came running back to my house yelling "Dad! Some crazy peopel were following us in a car and one of them hopped out and ran after us on foot!" So my dad took them out to look for the peopel who chased them and on the way my dad asked them what the people and the car looked like and said jokingy my brother should have used his karate , to which my brother replied "The car was blue (or something), and they guy looked like a smoker so I probably could have taken him." So they found the car, my dad pulled them over (he's in the RCMP) and asked the driver about what had happened. Turns out the driver was an aquaintance of mine, and they guy who jumped out at my brother was my friend Bobby (who my brother had seen many times before but somehow failed to recognize). So when my dad got back and told everyone the story we all just laughed.

Also, when I was at S.I.R. (outdoorsy type store) my brother asked if they had any "practice katanas" (he knows that they're called bokkens, but put it in laymans terms so the guy would understand him) and the guy corrcted him saying "They're actually called bokkens if you wamt to get technical." The rest of us laughed at my brother for looking like an idiot.

lapinky 10-18-2005 08:10 AM

haha that funny ((: hmm..something my school there is a science teacher and his name is Mr. Tang. so once in the canteen we were eating and he went to some table nearby with other teachers and my friend said thank you[guess she pronounced it abit off and it sounded like tank(thank) you] to another friends quite loudly and he turned around o_O....we were laughing at it....then somebody purposely said thank you out loud and he turned around again xDDD hmm..guess ut doesn't sound as funny in words but it was really funny at day ;)

another a little funny ot rather dumb thing is sometimes in my group of friends, one of them is pretty lame and she made us run up the stairs all the way to the top and the last person to reach is a pig o_O we would laugh all the way up and we wouldn't be able to run properly. haha i don't know why though xDDD

drunk_sea_monkey 10-18-2005 08:13 AM

how old is your brother. lmao. hmm some more from me......
Well my mom's best friend's son has these friends in his neighborhood and a bully and they were like rough housing so i ermm... took them all down wihtout knowing... i was the second youngest there.... and ermm... he never sees that bully any more.. it was years ago...
The first day i got fish the frog and one of the fish died.
When i was at a Entertainment Park in Florida for hte first time ( i was 4 ) and i got picked in the dolphin show and she was j/k and said jump on in.... she caught me in mid air... -_-
That same vacation we went on like a Swamp Ride ( i forget where ) and there was a croc.... i went to go pet it...
A the same place as the dolphin show we ( me my brother my granparents ) were walking and they couldn't find me all the sudden.... i jumped the fence of the puma's and was in with them.... they were so cute ^_^ i will think of some more later...

lapinky 10-18-2005 08:33 AM

o_O whoa thats alot ((: keep going!

Glaiza_mei 10-18-2005 12:46 PM

ok...I also posted this to my "craziest thing/s..." thread.

it was the time when I suddenly hugged a girl whom I thought was my friend from behind. She looked like my friend in the back voew, and I always hug immediately to the certain friend when I see her.

I was like "Jean!!!" *hug* but when the girl tuned around, I was like O_O *oopsie*, so that I won't be obvious, I chatted with and told her about a funny experience earlier that day...she was like "ok(?)" and I kept on going. after, I hugged her again, and told her "see yah around" ^__~ *waves*

she was like o_O; ??? *also waved back*

lol...^_________^ she must've really been dumfounded. lol...I can't get her look out of my head...she was really like O_o;? lol

I'm such a great actress! BRAVO! lol

fairy 10-18-2005 01:27 PM

once i went to my horse riding lesson (as usuall) and that day i rode an untraind horse (WILD) AND AFTER riding him i fell OFF and i didnt know what happend then i found my self in the car (acually when i was uncountous my father took me to the car) :p

iyomi 10-19-2005 09:32 AM

sorry to say that but i feel that isn't funny to me, but it seems to hurt. :eek:

eyeceonline 10-19-2005 11:16 AM

lmao...ok, heres the deal! XD

my mum doesnt relle want me to be dating boyz and stuff because she thinks they are all bad news.

i went to this theme park called Thorpe Park, and a friend of mine took one of the pic's i was wiv me ex huggin and shee saw the picture

i came back from school and she was like, whos in that picture, so i just went *carmly* 'a friend of mine' and she left it at that lol....

i always use that excuse lol

waterbender 10-26-2005 05:36 PM

once when my little sisters were sleeping I got a perminent marker and started drawing on their faces. the funny thing is that the day after was the day they had to get their school pictures taken and man was that marker hard to get off.:D

shnannerz 10-26-2005 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by drunk_sea_monkey
When i was at a Entertainment Park in Florida for hte first time ( i was 4 ) and i got picked in the dolphin show and she was j/k and said jump on in.... she caught me in mid air... -_-


Originally Posted by drunk_sea_monkey
Fell in the mall on those moving stairs.. all the way down...

ahahah :D

yeah one of my fish died the same day i got it too lol

*subrosa* 10-26-2005 07:34 PM

ummm... I was cosplaying as Kakashi at the last convention and we had to do an act in which I fainted, I fell down on the stage and... sort of ripped my pants heh...

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