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Re: Kidnapping

*shrugs* Kidnapping is rare around here but that doesnt mean that me must take it for granted. There are several ways to prevent this.. But seriously, will your kids follow it or will YOU, yourself follow this?

- Do not talk to strangers... No matter what they give you.. You do not approach them..
- Always walk in group because who knows that your friends might know a lil bit of martial arts.
- Do not go home with people that you doesnt know...

Eitherway, most kidnappers only wants self pleasure for themselves. Only a little are in it for the money.

I myself always carry a chopper in my bag. It might be useful. To the kids.. Always remember to bring anything like pepperspray or something that will cause harm to the kidnappers but that doesnt mean that you can bring your knife to school...
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