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Re: some thoughts of the current chapters

@nexus: seems that you did not understand the points..when Itachi was 7 years ago (counting from part 1) in Akatsuki age of 11 (LOOOOL) and could defend Orochimaru..(lol..ok..might be possible..why not..) then this part would make sense..when they both were at the same time in Akatsuki (and look in chapter 345 their clothes..) Itachi had to be 11. Other things are wrong..they can not be exist..but when Itachi joined Akatsuki at the time killing his clan at age of 13-14 while Orochimaru left 2 years ago from that time (in which Itachi killed his clan)..that does not make sense because we saw in chapter 345 that they both were together in Akatsuki and Orochimaru left because of Itachi..

It has to be right that Itachi joined Akatsuki when he was 11-12 and not 13-14. can Orochimaru perform the jutsu when he has to wait at least 3 years? he SHOULD NOT be able to do that...that does not make any sense..that is what I mean..unlogical..HE CAN NOT DO THAT LOOOOL.

really annoying :/.
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