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Originally Posted by duneninja
It was an alright chapter. It definetly shows that Naruto can use his head a bit more, since he knew he was in a genjutsu rather than continue to fight against fake Itachi's. We also saw the thoughts that have been haunting Naruto since his fight with Sasuke and probably his greatest motivation during his years of training.

Thought it was cool to see a training part with Jiraya, who I doubt uses genjutsu's either and so would have also trained more to break out of them then use them.

With the supposed Rice Field Country filler episodes coming up, the fact that they showed Naruto and Jiraya in a boat in some village could make those episodes work, since we now see that indeed the two had travelled to other villages rather than just stay in the mountains for almost three years.

I wouldn't say Kakashi got all the fame, I would give it to Sakura and the old lady. In the time it took Kakashi to attack Itachi and rebound back for another one, they noticed that Naruto had been trapped by Itachi and couldn't break free. That shows again how Sakura has grown, since she was usually a little slow on the uptake in the past.

I'm also interested in Itachi's comment on not being able to use Mangekyou (spelling?) Sharingan when he caught Naruto. It has something to do with what Kakashi said, or because he was fighting Kakashi. Maybe it will be explained in the next few chapters.
Actually Sakura is always "quick on the uptake" when it comes to genjutsu's remember she was the one that helped dispel the one that Kabuto tried to use during the Chuunin exam. Also I don't think he could have used that technique on Naruto because he was busy fighting Kakashi.

Originally Posted by ucmehoe
thats some mest up crap that now itachi can freakin do genjutsu without doing hand seals or nothing. the sharaingan is getting gayer by the chapter soon enough all you have to do is be in his presence and your already in some type of nin/genjutsu. but on a good note my favorite character(sasuke) looks cool and if he gets the manGAYnkeyou sharaingan he'll be pretty unstoppable.
What was so great about Sasuke in the chapter, how does he look so great, that is the same way he used to look. I hope you were just saying it was good to see him again.

P.s. Is it me or was this an extremly short chapter.
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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