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Re: NL the Anime Discussion Thread

theres just a few things wrong with it.

1: I find the fact you made both your own little life thread AND the discussion thread both to be a tad, well, greedy. It's a bit egotistical.

2: Shika told me he didn't want to be in it and that he told you too, but you neglected the idea and basically said "tough luck" but, you're including a person in a fanfic or story that he doesn't want to be a part of. That's illegal. If someone doesn't give concent to use them in anything you create, its a violation of their rights and privacy, and is quite "sueable" in a court of law.

I never read your massive NL-Blog and life vent, but those 2 things bothered me. Since this is the discussion thread, I can say what I want about it, right? And I've done nothing wrong, but based on the fact that we don't like eachother, AND the fact I said something negative about your "hard work" you'll probably bitch at me for it yet again, and tell me to shut up. Go for it. My 2 cents are valid, and you're way too predictable Lily.
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