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Re: NL the Anime Discussion Thread

I NEVER SAID I HATED YOUR STORY. Go ahead and find a quote where I said "I HATE YOUR STORY LILY IT SUCKS!" you wont find one. I have no right to judge whether it sucks or not if I haven't read it. Dear god, where the heck do you keep seeing that?!

I think that was my 3rd time saying that.

And I never said shika said it sucks either, so stop with that crap. He just doesn't want to be in it, and if he's told YOU it sucks then take it up with him. I never quoted him on that one either. And if it were me I STILL would remove them and find a way around it, because of my beliefs. Hell, I'm sticking up for shika's rights so much why wouldn't I respect others? for cryin out loud you aren't making sense.

If you're ticked at an opinion, tough. Not everyone loves you. Grow up and just deal with it, and stop putting words in my mouth.

edit: Also, I DONT want to be in it, seriously. I don't see why I would be. And that's a good enough reason for anyone, because it's my right, not yours.

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