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Re: Such thing as Luck?

luck is basically probability. it all depends on how probable an event of thing is likely. say you rolled a 6 sided dice, any result you got from it would be 1 out of 6. if you got 2 3's nothing changes that, a rational explanation to explain it would be that there are 2 reasons for getting a 3 twice these are.
- chance (it just happened to roll onto the 3 twice)
- the throw (if say he threw it with the three facing up there could be a chance it will remain that way)
saying you were born with good luck isnt really true at all and saying you have good luck depends on how you view the circumstance, like finding a wallet on the floor,
- this might be good luck because it probably has money in it
- this also might be bad luck, because the wallet belongs to some one, and they are going to be royally pi**ed if they see you snooping through their wallet, thats if they found you.
luck is determined by how you yourself view it. i consider myself quite lucky but i also consider myself very unlucky at the same
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