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Re: Fanart Request shop

@ Seal Master:

Sorry, I really couldn't do Naruto so all I got is Kyuubi... you'll just have to imagine Naruto standing on top of his head XD

Anyways, hope this will do..


Originally Posted by Kiamaru View Post
If you ccould try and color it your help would be most appreciated *subrosa*
I tried it, but I won't even bother showing you the result... I can't really seem to get it right and it looks like... well... a hand colored drawing made by a little kid XD well, that wasn't really supposed to happen... and I can't really seem to do it any better... I'm really sorry


Originally Posted by naruto slash View Post
ok ill like to request a drawing:

Teenage boy 16 years old
i want him to have sharingan
i want his clothes to be professional
His hair should be spiky but gelled back
I want him to have ear phones in his ear

Can anyone make this?
If so:
on all white backround (no lines)
colored in
What exactly do you mean by 'professional clothing'?

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