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Originally Posted by I_Love_Death
Why are they going to release a filler arc? Whats the purpose of it, apart from extra storylines to entertain the anime watchers. I mean, why cant they just carry on with the main storyline, since the manga is still ahead.

I hope they DO catch up and follow the manga afterwards, since i dont read the manga of naruto.

A filler arc would allow for the manga to progress further, because the anime catching up is a bad thing,the anime progresses faster then the manga, so if it caught up then it would need a filler arc, or it would be taken of the air.(or something...)

I really don't mind the filler episodes, but nothing that great can happen. I think the best idea for the filler would be to focus on some other characters, that would be cool. And after the filler, I can't wait for the Kakashi Gaiden saga, if you can't guess, Kakashi is my fav character!
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