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Re: The offical S-cry-ed F.C.

"o no not the pillsbury dough boy i scream"(i'm just saying that for fun i aint really scared of the pillsbury dough boy) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! but then i fight back fighting the shadows with my element of black with my buster elemental and I engulfed in flames i swing my buster elemental down and a dragon englufed in black fire rises from the ground and charges at soundgal engulfing her in the black fire...

co-owner of the official S-cry-ed FC
co-owner of nejiten and shikaino FC
proud member of:
leaf village hokage power FC
the official leaf shinobi FC
the new sasusaku FC

Akatsuki,and itachi....who are your favs....
okay heres the deal:
Sakura100 is my buddy got it
Kata-chan7 is my nee-san on
LN is my teacher on NL
SB is my co-owner buddy
CC is my cool buddy
Hitokugutsu is my Bleach buddy
Sand_illusions is my cookie buddy

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