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Ichigo Usaragi
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Re: The Roleplay FC request

Okay ill say somethinking about naruto:

Naruto walking through the shadow gates of death slowly walking and checking each gate carefully. "Crack" he heard when he saw someone or something."Crack" he heard again when he felt pressure on his neck. He turned around with jiraya sceaming ,"Sexy jutsu" he cried,"Do the sexy jutsu" he said while he strangled him." "Do the sexy jutsu and ill show u the way out." "No pervy sage,no i wont." He screamed high piched." Naruto to sprinted away from the pervy sage leaving tracks. Jiraya followed the tracks, and found Naruto laying on the ground knocked out with is blood all over the gate and the floor."

Its all i did for now its probably horrible but i tried i ll try to make another one.

Trust me i no its horrible ill make another better one wen i get da chance.

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