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Re: do u think spirits and ghost are real?

I, personally, dont believe in ghost and have never seen one. At the same time I think that if you truly believe in something, it may come true. My brother on the other hand is different. He tells me that he sees ghost, not because he wants. Every since he was a kid he was always afraid of the dark and what not. One time at our old house when he went to use the restroom he saw my grandma. He cracked up and ask her why she didnt close the door. He didnt think much of it until he step into the hallway and saw my grandma there. He went into a shock and collasp.

After he recover I told him that I dont believe in ghost but if he thinks they are real, he should go up to them next time and confront them. That way he can prove to himself that he may be seeing shadows instead of ghost.

Long story short, he now works at the hospital as a security. He tells me that every other week he sees ghost. They dont look like how hollywood protrait it. Just people, very pale, walking around like they are lost without any facial expression. When he greets them and they dont answer, he just mind his own business.

So do I believe in ghost? NO. But that does not mean I dont believe what my brother tells me...
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