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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Here we go:First of all we have a long way untill the end of naruto series because we don't know anything about:akatsuki leader,the akatsuki girl,tobi,zetsu(minor things so far only that he eats dead bodies was the intresting part),karin,suigetsu and his past,uchica mandra(how then hell is that guy?),not much about jugoo too.
In addition we have the fight against itachi and sasuke which we take quite enough.Naruto should meet up sometime with sasuke too.We haven't seen anything about the new shino,kiba,neji(not much) and the other chunnin.Kabuto is a mystery too what will happen to him?The questions concerning akatsuki are toooo many...Anyways we still have a long way for the end of naruto series
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