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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Originally Posted by XIIAxelCrossIIX View Post
Well, like I said, I'm talking 2 to 4 or 5 years, that may be long for you, for me that doesn't seem to long, and it's surely not long in terms of the manga industry. All the things you mentioned, every one of the backgrounds, those could all be fully explained and done with within a few months. Take time to discuss those in the manga, have them get things worked out, maybe a few conflicts here and there, but mainly discussing their backgrounds, as you said, and their mysterious motives, all of that could easily be done in half a year, maybe more.

Think of how fast it took to discuss Kakashi's story, a few weeks? Yes, there are still a few things missing, and there is surely more to learn, but we learned so, so much about Kakashi within a few weeks, the Kakashi Gaiden arc provided us with that. A few weeks, that's all. Take those characters, who are much, much less of an impact in the story than Kakashi, you'll have yourself a very quick flashback.
hmm this is true we learn about kakashi in a few weeks.But i think the manga will end when sasuke,sakura nad naruto are adults or 20 more years old.There are a lot of thing to happen and i don't think we will learn any time soon about the leader of the akatsuki there are many battles to come also and lot of char. to die or seen in action.We didn't even know when akatsuki ws founded and why every1 joined in,i think 4 years are good don't u think?
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