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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Originally Posted by Antedeluvian View Post
hmm this is true we learn about kakashi in a few weeks.But i think the manga will end when sasuke,sakura nad naruto are adults or 20 more years old.There are a lot of thing to happen and i don't think we will learn any time soon about the leader of the akatsuki there are many battles to come also and lot of char. to die or seen in action.We didn't even know when akatsuki ws founded and why every1 joined in,i think 4 years are good don't u think?
Yes, 4 years is very possible, but like I said, I think it's all up to what Kishimoto wants to do, if he's up for it or not. Going by what's going on right now, I think he might be getting tired of the series, tired of working on it, but I could be wrong, he might just be in a slump. Many manga-ka start to tire out around this time, around this point in a series, it's been up for a hell of a long time. Either way, "soon" might not be all that quick going for others, and it end quickly, there are still lots of things to delve into, but in terms of what's left as a whole, four years could be the maximum, I'm not sure.
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