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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Originally Posted by Bloodkid View Post
Look straight up Naruto is a genin the series is not likely to end until he is hokage.
I'm not really sure what to say about this statement. "Straight up", I don't think that matters. Gaara was a Genin, and jumped to Hokage, the rank means nothing, it's a sub-plot to the story. Kishimoto isn't focusing on that any longer. He might chose to become a Chunin or even Jounin, but he could jump to Hokage. Rank does not matter, and even so, who says that the series won't end with Naruto not becoming Hokage? Who says Kishimoto won't end it with him staying a Genin? Just because Naruto rants about that every other line doesn't mean it will be true, fulfilling his relationship with Sasuke seems more important to him this point in the story.
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