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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

Originally Posted by 6_NaRuTo_6 View Post

Ahem, I think the series will go on for another year or so before it ends (manga anyway). Things have started to move really quickly now and unless Kishi has something bigger he is going to add after Akatsuki then it will end soon.
What's that "tl;dr", too long, didn't read? I'm confused...

Anyway, wow, that's an even shorter speculation than what I had, and even I no doubt have some people saying "NO, IT WILL NEVAR ENDDDD!" to me at this point. Well, I can definitely see it ending in a year or so, especially if Kishimoto really is getting tired of this series, which I don't think we'll ever know until the end of it all and the aftermath discussions and interviews.

EDIT: Jessum Christ, I keep forgeting about this "no double post" stuff. Sorry!
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