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Re: Series to end "soon"? (Lost post, big discussion)

I hope the story draws itself out, not with filler, but with more of the substance and storytelling that Kishi drew us in with to begin with. I do feel like it's starting the beginning of the end. I don't really care if they continue the series after its showdown and loose-end-wrap-ups in the Narutoverse, but I like a solid admirable ending vs a crappy ending and then crappy stories following after.

It might be more interesting to fans and in general if Kishi wrapped up this part and told the gaiden type stories of a bunch of the other characters. A bunch of side stories would keep the series alive and not overuse the current story. Many of the characters have stories that have been one-shotted to the point where they are over simplified. Naruto is a "person" made by many experiences where the other characters to a degree are introduced and then simplified to a single pivitol incident. Not to say that it isn't really that way, but expanding might be good. And for sure that would be something that no one would really expect from such a popular series.
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