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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

Originally Posted by xxxkakashixxx View Post
well i hope its Sasuke...
imagen she ends up with naruto lol
Sasuke will just abuse her in weird ways okay now follow this :

1. He wil make her chase Itachi day in night.

2. He will turn sakura emo.

3. He will talk talk like a freak and will say things like the following:

Sakura: "Sasuke what do you like?"

Sasuke: "Nothing..."

Sakura: "What do you hate cause Naruto is kinda annoying."

Sasuke: "I just want to destroy a certain someone..."

Sakura: "Okay.........."

If she end up with Naruto They will have a happy life and live forever but sakura dosent deserve naruto Hinata does.

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