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Re: Dark Plague

"Whatever it was, it felt very powerful." Neji said, as he stopped in his tracks.

"We should probably investigate it." Sakura said.

"Yes. Let's go!" Neji said as he lead his team in the direction of the huge explosion.

Meanwhile, over at the battle grounds (the forest), CS2 Sasuke had just driven his fully charged Chidori straight into Maikeru's chest, as Karin looked on.

"Well, you know? Your baby move is strong after all." Maikeru said as he spat out blood from his mouth, but then tured into poison mist. Sasuke quickly pulled back his Chidori and backed away quickly.

"Show yourself!" CS2 Sasuke demanded, as he reverted back to base form.

"So how long have you been under the care of Orochimaru?" Maikeru's asked, even though he wasn't in sight.

"That's none of your concern. I didn't come here to deal with you, anyway. Where is Itachi!" Sasuke said, a bit irritated.

"Silly Uchiha. See, if you kill him now, I'd be forced to kill you first. Actually, I'd kill you anyway, just for being an Uchiha. Isn't that right, Itachi?" Maikeru said as he materialized from the poison mist near Sasuke.

"Sasuke." Itachi said, with his Sharingan activated.

"Itachi...." Sasuke said, with his back turned to Itachi, and Karin shaking in her long stripper boots.

Meanwhile, over at a further section of the forest, Juugo and Suigetsu await Sasuke and Itachi. But the ruckus made them wonder...

"What the hell was that!?!" Suigetsu said, as he stood up. They'd both been sitting down on some rocks.

"I don't know. But we're not to move from here. Those were his orders." Juugo said, even though he had a bad feeling.

"Yeah, yeah." Suigetsu said, as he sat back down. "That blast. Hmm. The battle must have started. They should both be heading this way soon." Suigetsu said with a huge grin, while holding the Zabuza sword.

Over at the family reunion area...

"You seem stronger." Itachi said calmly.

"I'd have to be. I left everything for this moment. And I won't fail again!" Sasuke said.

"Yes, how touching. Sibling rivalry. (Maikeru rolls his eyes) Itachi, where is the brat?" Maikeru asked.

"I rushed back. I thought you'd ran into Jiraiya." Itachi said.

"And you think I can't handle myself against that dirty old man!?" Maikeru said.

"..." Itachi knew he'd better go off and get Naruto.

Team Neji were getting close to where the blast happened. There was still alot of smoke left from the blast, so it was easy to navigate there.

"What could have happened?" Lee asked, as he zipped along trees and branches as though he were Spider-Man.

"Byakuugan!" Neji activated his bloodline limit, and began scanning the nearby areas.

"Do you see anything, Neji?" Sakura asked.

(I hope that wasn't Sasuke losing to Itachi! Just hold on a bit longer!!) Naruto thought to himself, as sweat beads began to form on the side of his face.

"There!" Neji said. "Three people. One of them has an Akatsuki cloak. The other, looks like Sasuke." Neji said.

"Be on your way then. I'll handle this brat. You go get the kid." Maikeru said in a bossy tone.

"You aren't going any where!!" Sasuke yelled as he appeared behind Itachi, with frightening speed. Itachi had a shocked look on his face. Sort of like: o_O

"I see. You went to Orochimaru to train, and then killed him. I thought you'd be able to get stronger on your own..." Itachi said.

"Shut the hell up!" Sasuke said as he struck Itachi in the back with a knee thrust, which knocked Itachi forward. Itachi looked back at Sasuke in shock and anger. He assumed Sasuke hadn't gotten that strong.

"How pathetic. Your little brother is bullying you around. You really have sunk low, Itachi. Seriously now, go get the brat. I'm growing impatient, and that's not a good thing." Maikeru said as his murderous intent went into overdrive. Sasuke sensed it and for a split second, feared for his life just by looking at Maikeru.

"Itachi...Uchiha....!" Naruto said angrily, as he clenched his fists.

Itachi turned and saw his target, along with a few more lowly ninja's.

"How convenient for you, Itachi. Now get to it!" Maikeru demanded, as he placed his Akatsuki cloak back on. "I'll handle the rest of them.

"Don't interfere." Sasuke said, as he looked at Neji, Lee, Naruto, and Sakura. "This is my fight."

"Sasuke...." Sakura said, as she grew sad. She then looked at Itachi angrily.

"Children, unfortunetely, play time is over." Maikeru said, as he appeared infront of both Lee and Neji. He then struck them both with open palms to the gut, which sent them both flying across the forest.

"Lee! Neji!" Naruto yelled. You'll pay for that, whoever you are!" Naruto said. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto used his famous, but worn out move, and several clones of his popped out of thin air.

"He's strong!" Lee said as he stood back up.

"And fast. We'll have our hands full with him." Neji said. They both ran to the fight.

"It's time." Itachi said. He zipped towards Naruto, and hit him with a very hard elbow to the chest, which sent Naruto flying across the forest also. But he continued his attack, sending Naruto further away.

Maikeru appeared infront of Sasuke, and slapped him in the face. Like, you could hear the slap from miles away. Sasuke lifted his face, which was red, from the strike itself, and from anger.

"Weakling." Maikeru said with a grin on his face. Sasuke then spat on Maikeru's face, which angered Maikeru to no end.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" Maikeru yelled. Sasuke hopped away from him, making some distance between them. And out of thin air, Lee and Neji appeared.

"Sad. In the Country of Heaven, we handled our fights one on one. Oh well. I guess you brats need as much of an advantage as you all can get." Maikeru grinned.

Naruto finally recovered from the few hard hits from Itachi, and got back up. He noticed no one else was around. (Is this a genjutsu? Where is everyone?)

"Don't make this difficult on yourself, Naruto." Itachi warned.

"You're not taking me anywhere! And you're not going to kill Sasuke! You'll have to kill me first if.....!" Naruto said, but was quickly silenced by a deadly punch to the gut from Itachi. Naruto stood hunched forward a bit, with eyes wide open, and spat out a little blood.

"Now then...." Itachi said.

Back at the better fight scene...

"I don't have time for this." Sasuke said impatiently.

"Sasuke, we need you to defeat him. He seems stronger than even Itachi." Neji said as he stood there in a fighting pose.

"..." Sasuke thought.

"What's this? A Hyuuga too? Priceless!!" Maikeru said.

"You have something against the Hyuuga clan?" Neji asked.

With insane speed, and by insane, Maikeru ran to Neji and inches away from striking him down. Neji saw the attack coming, but wasn't fast enough to actually do anything but stand there. Sasuke, with his Sharingan activated, also saw the attack coming, but chose not to do anything.

"Neji!" Lee yelled, as he quickly disappeared and reappeared infront of Neji and hit Maikeru across the chest with a jump kick. This time it actually hit, as Maikeru didn't expect Lee to have such speed, and didn't bother using the replacement jutsu. The kick knocked Maikeru back a bit.

"You little green bastard!" Maikeru said as he held his chest.

"I will not allow you to harm my comarades!" Lee said as he struck a cool pose.

"Ugh..." Sasuke said. "Fine." Sasuke prepared for battle....

"Finally." Maikeru said. "I get to take out a Hyugga and an Uchiha all at once. And whoever this little green bean is." Maikeru said.
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