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Re: Dark Plague

The forest became quiet, as a cool breeze blew through the area. Neji's hair blew in the wind, as did Sasuke's. Lee had a very serious look on his face. Maikeru's expression went from a grin, to a more serious look. "Come." Maikeru said. (There's been enough toying around. I'm tired of this little shits.) Maikeru thought to himself, as Lee and Neji rushed at Maikeru. Maikeru quickly activated his dark, forboding eyes, which then released a strange cloud of chakra surrounding him.

" that chakra?" Sasuke wondered as he watched the fight, and waited for the right time to strike.

Neji attempted an open palm thrust at Maikeru's chest, but he dodged it. Neji threw a few more strikes his way, but Maikeru blocked all of them, then hit Neji with a stiff kick to the gut. Lee struck Maikeru a few times with some well placed punches, but Maikeru countered with a few of his own. One of which cut Lee's cheek and drew blood. "Is that all?" Maikeru said, disappointed.

Sasuke continued to look on as Neji and Lee both at the same time attacked fiercely with high speed taijutsu, but Maikeru was skilled enough to block nearly everything they threw at him, and countered quite a bit. As Maikeru dodged a kick to the face from Lee, he also caught a kick from Neji. He grabbed Neji's foot, spun him around and slammed him into a tree. (He's too strong! I can't seem to even hit him.) Neji thought to himself as he hit the ground from being bashed into a tree. Maikeru stared at Sasuke with his dark eyes.

"I've got him!" Lee shouted as he held onto Maikeru from behind.

"What!?" Maikeru said, surprised. And he noticed Sakura heading in his direction from the air.

"Hold him!" Sakura yelled, as she focused alot of chakra into her fist.

"Oh my. This could be be troublesome." Maikeru said, as he struggled to break free. "LET GO OF ME YOU...." Maikeru shouted. Lee did let go, but it was once Sakura actually landed the punch. She punched the daylights out of Maikeru. The after effect of the punch was similar to when the First Hokage punched Sarutobi. It was a very hard hitting, brutal punch, which rocked the hell out of Maikeru. The punch sent him flying, as his body broke through a few trees.

"We did it, Sakura!" Lee said happily.

"No. Look." Neji said as he pointed at Maikeru.

(This girl is powerful too. They must really want Itachi dead. face hurts!) Maikeru thought to himself as he stood up slowly, and rubbed the side of his face.

"Impossible! I...I hit him with everything I had!" Sakura said.

"Get ready! Here he comes!" Neji said, as he struck a defensive post, as did the others.

"Oh, how cute. What are you three, Konoha's Angels? One who actually looks like a girl, the other who looks like a boy (WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?! Inner Sakura shouted), and the other who looks like a really ugly girl. Nice pose...." Maikeru said as he laughed his butt off.

Sakura was piping mad, as was Lee, since Maikeru insulted his future wife. "How dare you speak that way of Sakura! This won't be forgiven!!" Lee shouted with anger as he rushed Maikeru with incredible speed. Speed that even Maikeru couldn't follow. "The hell?" Lee hit Maikeru hard with a new combo he'd learned from Gai. It knocked Maikeru back, but he wasn't out of the fight yet! Maikeru punched Lee in the face, which rocked him. He then followed it up with a punch to the gut, and two spin kicks to the face. Two kicks which Lee managed two avoid and counter. The first kick he avoided, the second kick, Lee caught and drove his elbow into Maikeru's ankle. Maikeru quickly backed off.

" certainly have an extreme talent in taijutsu." Maikeru said as he leaned downwards and held his ankle.

"Maikeru, are you done?" Itachi said, as he held Naruto over his shoulder.

"Naruto!" Sakura and Lee shouted.

"I suppose." Maikeru said as he stood up.

"Then let's go." Itachi said.

"You aren't going any where." Sasuke said as he appeared behind Itachi. Itachi's eyes were wide opened, and blood slowly flowed from his mouth. "I've dedicated my life to killing you. And I will hunt you down, wherever you go, until I do kill you, brother." Sasuke said, as his blade went through Itachi's chest, with lightning flowing through it.

Maikeru's, Sakura's, Neji's, and Lee's faces were: O_O

Sasuke withdrew his blade, and Itachi fell to one knee, still with Naruto over his shoulder. Itachi looked back at Sasuke. "You're still not ready." Itachi said.

"Hm. How dramatic. Anyway, I'll see you three around again. This isn't over." Maikeru said with a smile, as both he and Itachi disappeared in puffs of smoke.

"....." Sasuke was speechless. This was his moment to take Itachi, and he was too distracted. He hadn't counted on Team Neji nor Maikeru to be there. "Why...." Sasuke asked, slowly growing furious. "Why were you all here!?!" Sasuke demanded.

"Our mission was to defeat Itachi, with your help." Neji said.

"No! I'm the one who will kill him! Not any of you!" Sasuke said angrily. "And now, because of you all, he got away!" Sasuke yelled.

"Sasuke, we were here to help..." Sakura said.

"I didn't ask nor need for any HELP!" Sasuke yelled.

"Sasuke, no offense, but..." Lee said.

"If you say another word, I will kill you." Sasuke warned, as his face grew very angry.

"Sasuke! We're your friends! Is this how you act when you don't get your way?" Sakura lashed.

"You don't know anything, Sakura. So don't talk down to me as if I were some child." Sasuke said.

"Then don't act like a child. You clearly needed our help. There were two of them..." Sakura said.

"I wouldn't have needed anything from the likes of you. I had my own plans and my own ways of dealing with Itachi, and you interfered." Sasuke said.

"If you liked it or not, Sasuke, our mission was to assist you. I'd suggest you stop being so ungrateful." Neji said, as he grew impatient.

"I'd suggest you shut the hell up." Sasuke said, rudely.

"You've changed." Sakura said, sadly. "But, even so, you shouldn't place blame on us for your undoing." Sakura said.

"What did you say?" Sasuke said.

"You're blaming us for your loss. Take responsibility." Sakura said.

"It was your fault that he escaped. All of your faults. That is fact. And for that, I should actually kill you all." Sasuke said.

"I can't believe I ever loved you." Sakura said.

"You're annoying, even after all this time. You're still annoying." Sasuke scolded.

"At least I'm not weak!" Sakura shouted with anger and annoyance. "Im strong enough to come here and help you, and all you can do is blame us for your loss. It's not our fault you're too weak to kill your brother!!" Sakura shouted.

At this point, you, as the readers, go...OOooooooohhhhhhh!

Sasuke seethed with anger, and slapped Sakura across the face, knocking her back, but not down. Neji just stood there watching the drama unfold, wishing he had a big bucket of popcorn. Lee's face turned red (literally) with anger.

"You'll never know what it's like to be me, Sakura. How can you? How can any of..." Sasuke said, as Lee's knuckles met Sasuke's face. Lee punched the shit out of Sasuke for striking his future wife. The punch was hard enough to make Sasuke see stars.

"Don't ever lay a hand on Sakura again! Or you will deal with me!" Lee warned.

Sasuke just stood there holding his face in anger.

"Lee...." Sakura said, as she too held the side of her face.

"After I kill Itachi, you will be next." Sasuke said, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke also to meet up with Juugo and Suigetsu.

Sakura began to tear up, but was strong enough to not cry.

End Chapter 3
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