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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by JustPimpin View Post
i'm sure if nidaime used that darkness technique, kisame would have the advantage. remember when zabuza used that mist technique on kakashi, and kakashi couldn't see anything at all, and zabuza said he can sense where kakashi's was at.... well i'm sure kisame being from the same clan as zabuza(and 20x stronger than zabuza) would have a way to find nidiame in the darkness. i think it wouls be a GREAT battle, but i'm still going with Kisame on this one!
first off kisame isnt from the same clan dont know who told you that maybe you mean they were both from the kanta which are 7 swordsman of the mist it isnt a clan its like the sannin they are a group of ninja who are the best in that village. anyway zabuza had a talent of silent kill he was an expert in the art of silent murder kisame isnt like that or he would have done the mist jutsu on gai when they were fighting. kisame isnt no match for jiraiya what makes you ppl think he is stronger than a hokage kisame would fight good but lose his life quicker than you think. plus remember nidame ised kinjutsu for his art of fighting wchich is forbidden jutsu that must mean he has a hell of a chakra supply if he used such high class jutsu plus like the anbu stated he used a s rank jutsu in a place that had no water its his talent he excelled at water jutsu plus his lighting rod that aoi stole could fry kisame alone so nidaime has the win in this one.
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