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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Shika vs. Kabuto: I'd go with Kabuto. My logic is that he has the background information on Shika, but more importantly, Kabuto was able to hole his own against one of the Sannin. Also, Kabuto may be able to summon the lower level snakes, which would be very problematic for Shika. I think that Shika has some brilliant jutsu and that he is very smart, but he would be analyzing as he went and he would have to kill Kabuto in one round. His Shadow jutsu could work, but only if he played Kabuto into it.

All told, I think that Kabuto has medical ninjutsu, the intelligence, the mysterious power (the whole eye thing we saw in the chuunin exam), and possibly summons, all of which would make him hard to take down for Shika. I don't think his genjutsu would be very helpful since Shika is smart and was able to resist the Temple of Nirvana thing at the stadium (when he was a gennin). Long and the short of it is that it would be a good fight, but Kabuto would eventually win.
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