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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

i'm pretty sure since shikamaru is a squad leader now... he has read the bingo book, where kabuto is most likely in it. so that being said, i think shikamaru would know alot about kabuto, and would have a TON of strategies already planned out before they even meet. but then if kabuto catches shikamaru off guard, then that's another story, sure shikamaru has his little kage mane no jutsu.... and well that's about it. kabuto is very smart, and very tricky. i'm sure kabuto would have a way of getting out of shikamaru's tecnique, or avoiding it. but kabuto is a close range fighter, if he gets close, he will do some damage to shikamaru, but shikamaru would capture him in him kage mane no jutsu and strangle him.... it all depends on who could hold out for longer, but i'm gonna say they both die, and it's a draw! =}

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