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Re: Official Naruto Dub Chat

Indeed, the main problem people seem to have with the dubbed is that it doesn't sound like the subbed. For example, Orochimaru in the original Japanese speaks with a tone and mode of address which cannot be reproduced in English; so they have to improvise. As a result, there's a very obvious difference between the two.

Plus, the Japanese voice-acting is based solely on what THEY feel is appropriate for the characters. This means that they are no more correct than the English voice-acting. And Japanese voice-actors aren't famous for their perfect pronunciation of English names.

If I remember correctly, they actually pronounced Akatsuki correctly; and they translated Samehada, rather than keeping it in Japanese. How lame do you think it was for a Japanese person to read that Kisame's sword was called "Shark Skin" in their native language?

And as a final note: People complain that Naruto has a nasal voice in the English version. HE HAS A NASAL VOICE IN THE JAPANESE VERSION, TOO!

*breathes in and out* Sorry, but the constant whining of this thread tends to grate on my nerves.
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