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Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
One reason is because they might just like sex. (Yeah, I know this one is a bit more rare... But nymphomania exists.) If someone just really likes getting their dick sucked or anal stimulation, that doesn't make them gay. Trust me, I've met these cases before.
I don't see the correlation between a ridiculously high sex drive and sexual orientation. And I still wouldn't see how enjoying sex with dudes wouldn't make a guy at the very least bisexual.
What about money? Constantly having gay sex for good money just makes you a prostitute, not gay.
If it was the person's only possible option to make money, then I could go with this. But when is someone's only option to make money prostitution? And if it was their only option, then they're forced to do it, which would fall under the same category as rape as far as I'm concerned. If you're given a choice between a) taking it in the pooper or b) not taking it in the pooper and you go with A, more than likely it's because you'd prefer it that way. Again, don't see how prefering to have sex with dudes wouldn't make you either gay or bi.
As far as experimenting goes... You really think that just trying something once or twice is as far as it goes? I know for a fact I hated drinking beer for the first number of times and I eventually ended up loving it... And another buddy of mine did the same thing and he ended up deciding he hates beer. The same thought process can be applied to sex.
So, I guess we can't call anyone gay or straight...because they might change their mind eventually, right? Now apply that to any label. See where I'm going with this?

@N48-Word. What's up with the impeachment crap? I wouldn't mind the pirating music thing thread to get going again, or something. Even that god existing thread where I bullshitted about flying turtles was infinitely better than the stuff we got going now. How fat are you discussions? No thanks. I miss good debates. ; ;
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