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Since I missed the epic troll thread, I decided through some sort of reasoning that I must inform the ignorant masses with some much needed intranet knowledge.


48's Guide to Trolling

What is a troll?
A troll is someone who post comments or create threads that are meant to entice a negative response from an opposing party.

What does a troll do in a thread he posts in or creates?
They make posts that usually portray what seems to be ignorance, but is actually a form of ironic sarcasm that can only be seen with a knowledgable eye. In other words, they make comments (regardless of what they really think) in order to piss people off. Other posters get frustrated at the trolls comments, and become what is called trolled, which is when a user takes a troll too seriously and get irritated by the troll's post.

What results from a troll?
If taken seriously, as the troll intends, he annoys and angers surrounding posters, which results in having said users flame the troll, thusly causing a community disturbing flame war.

How can I avoid being trolled?
The answer is simple. First, you must know what a troll is. Second, you must recognize troll posts. Third and most importantly, you must not take the troll seriously. If you know a user is simply posting a troll post, then you know they do not seriously mean what they say, and is therefore useless to take them seriously in the first place. Doing this saves multitudes of unnecessary anger; anger that could and should be used for something more meaningful. The point of arguing and debate is to convice your opponent that your stance is the correct one. If you argue with a troll, the troll will never change his stance because he never had a stance in the first place; therefore, the argument is meaningless.

How exactly can I tell if a user is being serious or is being a troll?
Well, typically, a troll will not back up their reasoning. Trolls act stupid to make you angry at their stupidity. At times, trolls do in fact give reasoning, but this reasoning is usually based on feigned stupidity in order to anger the reader. When it comes down to it, if a poster looks too fucking stupid to be true, then the poster is most likely a troll.

Signs of trolling are not always typical. The best trolls follow an art of trolling, which erase clues that normally give away a trolls true intention.

What is the art of trolling exactly?
Basically, a troll tries his best to act completely legitimate to recieve the highest possible amount of negative reaction from his opposing party. The more convincing the troll is of his opposite stance, the greater the negative reaction will be from his opposing party. However, if a poster comes off as too strong, his opposing party will realize that he is a troll and no reaction will come from the party (depending on the community). Too weak, and his opposing party will simply not react enough to cause a good disturbance. The output of disturbance can be mathematically represented with the following equation:

O = S x H / I

Where O is output (or opposing party's reaction), S is the strength of the trolls opposite position, H is the size of the community (in huegness), and I is the intuition of the community (or how well the community can see through a trolls intentions). The magnitude of O can be expressed in lulowattz (lz).

Why do trolls troll?
If you execute an epic troll maneuver, you recieve epic amusement. The amount of amusement you have is directly proportional to your opposing party's reaction. And by amusement, I mean epic lulz and entertainment. Going by the equation above, the greater the magnitude of O, the greater the lulz.

Can I be a troll???


tl;dr Fucking chill out. If you can figure that people are just saying things just to piss people off, you should have figured enough to not take those people seriously. Use your brain to decide whether or not someone is serious. Quit being so gullible. It's pretty funny to see someone get trolled, but then again, it sickens me to see it done so easily.
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