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Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
Hooray for a good discussion with Miburo!

So a straight guy can't enjoy anal stimulation? A mouth is a mouth. :-)
Well, he can enjoy it, as long as he isn't enjoying it with dudes. I don't think straight guy mixes well with gay buttsecks, they're like vinegar and oil or whatever. If hypothetical straight guy has desires to engage in same-sex intercourse than hypothetical straight guy wouldn't be so straight.

Ah, this is more of a sociology / socioeconomics question. Why DO people turn to pornography? That's an entirely different discussion. The fact of the matter, however, is that porn stars get paid a lot of extra money for a gay scene (especially women). If they want easier cash, then it's feasible enough.
If you're adament about your sexual orientation, you're not going to easily go against it. I like chicks, I won't bang dudes no matter sexually frustrated I get because I'm not into dudes. Same for porn chicks, they're not going to bang chicks that they've got zero attraction to when they can bang dudes instead, assuming they're straight. Bisexual chicks would have no problem doing both, while lesbians probably won't be volunteering for "Little miss riding-good and the forest of wang" anytime soon.

People tend to do what's comfortable for them. And in most cases having sex with people outside your personal preferences should be quite fricken uncomfortable for them.

You call a person gay or straight or bi if they say that they're gay or straight or bi. To be honest, I trust people to know themselves well enough to be able to make a decision on their sexuality.
I agree, not because I think people are necessarly smart enough to determine things about themselves or anything. Just because it doesn't matter to me. Whatever someone wants to label their sexual preference at doesn't really effect me in the least.

But what's the difference in them saying they're gay, straight, or bi; or them engaging in gay, straight, or bisexual intercourse?

I just don't see how it would be errorous to assume that two dudes, that are dating each other and having lot-sa buttsecks, are probably homosexuals. Do you?

Edit: This post sucks. I took sleeping pills and they started kicking in as I was writing this. Fuck this post.

All I'm trying to say is that no one is wrong when they claim to be gay or bi if they've had gay or bisexual experiences. And if some guy sucks cocks, it's not errorous to call him gay just because he may or may not truely be attracted towards dudes. People don't always judge their emotions or feelings correctly. Years can pass before someone realizes they are or are not gay. So you can either call a spade a spade, or not label anyone anything ever. Either way is perfectly valid and is in no way illogical, just that the first option is a bit more practical.

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