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Heh, come on, dude! I said my post sucked, and you didn't even address the part that I actually made while not half-asleep. ; )

Originally Posted by DarkAztek View Post
Enjoying fellatio or anal stimulation does not make a guy a homosexual if he gets it from another man. (I argue from a similar point of view on how arousal does not equal consent in rape cases.) Trust me, there's a reason for the term "prison gay." So I guess what we're arguing now is what makes a person gay or not... I don't think that arousal from sexual acts makes a person gay. If I close my eyes, I probably wouldn't know the difference between one mouth and another and neither would you.
Damn, dude. I never said sexual arousal made you gay. I meant actual enjoyment. You wouldn't say someone enjoyed being raped, even if they had an orgasm, would you?

Ah, now we're getting into the "scale of homosexuality." How gay must a person be?
I'm being pretty black and white on this, I thought.
If I was going to be paid $2000 an hour for having sex with some guy, you can surely bet that I'd go into gay porn if I had no other choice. I recommend reading up on Kate Bornstein and some of her books on sexuality. It's... Enlightening. Annie Sprinkle (ha ha!) is another great performance artist and author that you might want to check out if you still don't believe my arguments.
Note the bolded part. This doesn't contradict my system at all, assuming you're telling me that you wouldn't consider yourself gay or bisexual.

And, dude, I honestly don't care enough to go out and actually read books about this stuff. Lol. ^^;

Ah, to go with the popular saying of my mother: If you assume, you make an ass of "u" and "me." Again, I think my point could be clarified with some quick reading on / about Kate Bornstein and Annie Sprinkle. Gay sex does not make a homosexual.
Contrary to overused phrases, there's nothing wrong with making assumptions as long as they have some basis to them. I guarantee you, and everyone else, make assumptions about things everyday.

Look at it this way, A dude lives for 30 years as a homosexual (Whoops, my bad, someone that has gay sex with dudes and only dudes, and truely enjoys it...) and then one day realizes that he really does prefer women instead (Yeah, big hypothetical. But then again, how many dudes do you know that have lotsa gay sex and don't consider themselves gay or bi?). Are you saying that I, and everyone else including himself, are 'asses' because we all would consider this person a homosexual during that time frame? I would really hope not, dude.

Now shorten that time frame. Would that matter? I doubt you're going to say that there's a specific timeframe that you've got to be having gay sex and enjoying it to be considered a homosexual, right? Know what I'd bet you'd counter this with? Something along the lines of "In the end, he wasn't truly gay, so it was still a false assumption," I'd guess. Well, the dude was wrong for 30 years, how can we really be sure he's positive now? We can't. So like I said, either call a spade a spade or do away with labeling sexual orientation all together.
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