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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

As STRONG as Kakashi, not as good, he is smart, but no Kakashi. I would say strong as in chakra level, nothing more. Furthermore, like Dr Gero, whose inscect thing could not follow goku those to namek. kabuto's data is obsolete. As obsolete as when Naruto owned that ass with rasengan, he was surprised. SO, he gathers data, general data, when he has time, but growth of an individual, grows or stagnates. I would say shikamaru is much smarter now. And I am sorry, again I will say Kakashi greater speed is only because of his Itachi encounter. And I would imagine he has studied some mdeical ninjustu as well to deal with kabuto. Remember when the third died, kabuto did not want to fight , for fear that kakashi would copy his techniques.

And again I say that the hyuugas, and skilled med-nin, IF they know the nature of the sharingan. Are it's natural enemies. When Kyuubi took over naruto at the valley of the end, Sasuke was powerless, because the fox's chakra had no set designation, so he had no chakra 'flow' to foresee. Again, Neji has a greater degree over his chakra than most, and a skill med-nin could emulate that as well, meaning control their chakra flow, so that the sharingan user, has no designated flow, to pre-determine where you are. I doubt even kakashi knows this.

Far as shika, tsunade has given him access to mos of her files, she trusts in his intelligence, I can safely say, that studying up on Oro, and his subordinate, was a prioroty. I can safely say, he would not have to analalyze much with Kabuto, like someone said, Kabuto is doing med stuff for Oro. I think as far as growth, his skills have not changed much, unless he made some DNA manipulation through things he has learned from his experimentation, like that anko arc, with the sea creature.

AND, Tsunade was RUSTY, RUSTY as hell when she fought kabuto, she was basically just gambling for years. I PROMISE YOU, if kabuto fought her now, he is dead, dead. Not only is she getting better through learning med secrets from teh various clans of the hidden leaf, but through training sakura, has gotten over her rustiness, and no doubt formulate strategies, if she comes up against certain enemies.

She was underpowered and rusty when she was hauling around the sword of gamabunta for Gwad sakes, anticipated manda's attacks to pin his ass to the ground. Come on, sometimes some of you do not think. Again, I promise you, kabuto would be so dead if he came against her again. She is back in her groove now.
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