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-The flag waving was a wire in the flag but I think it is bull because even with a wire it wouldn't "wave" It would just stand errect.
In the footage of them setting up the flag, one of the astronauts is kind of holding the flag pole. The suits weren't exactly subtle in their movements so the motions of the suits may have bounced through the pole and into the flage.
-The light shining on the moon was light bouncing off of Earth
Completely possible. Also, light from the Sun may have been hitting the moon as well.
they say the way they bounced on the moon was just how it is on the moon. I think that it bull since they just jumped about 2 feet and gravity pull them down as if they were on Earth. It looked like they were suspended by wires.
Uh, the moon is considerably smaller than the Earth, meaning its gravitational pull is considerably less. Meaning jumping that high up isn't impossible.
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