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What the hell, guys?

Originally Posted by dEcCrIx View Post
my theory about it... they needed the money, not to send man to the moon, but to do other more important projects i just don't know wat and why will they need to hide it
What? You think that they faked the moon landings (Which would also cost a lot of money) so that they could raise money for something, even though you admit that you have absolutely zero reason to come to this assumption because you can't even think of what they'd need the money for? Well, that's a well thought out theory you got going there, dude.

Originally Posted by sheik View Post
Well you would be surprised what the US Gov could do.
Like, say, put a couple of guys on the moon? You silly conspiracy theory believers seem so willing to place your faith in the abilities of our government, except when it's regarding something they've claimed to be true. >.>

-The flag waving was a wire in the flag but I think it is bull because even with a wire it wouldn't "wave" It would just stand errect.
-The light shining on the moon was light bouncing off of Earth
-They said the waving was from the flag wire bouncing back and forth since the gravity is weak. I still think it is bull.
-they say the way they bounced on the moon was just how it is on the moon. I think that it bull since they just jumped about 2 feet and gravity pull them down as if they were on Earth. It looked like they were suspended by wires.
First off, horrible logic. "The flag looks kinda strange and a few other minor details don't add up according to my untrained, under-educated on the subject, eye so THE WHOLE MOON LANDING MUST BE FAKE!!!11!" Because I'm sure you freaking know how fast an object should fall on the surface of the moon, right?

Secondly, a five second wikipedia search would debunk (And give links to other sites that would debunk) your points with the utmost of ease. Do a little research before believing (Or even seriously considering) anything you see on TV, especially if it's something you saw on Fox. Wiki link.

Come on, guys. Seriously, there's absolutely no evidence that's been presented that can't be met with extreme skepticism in regards to the moon landing hoax. Add some basic logic to the equation and it's almost stupid to buy into this stuff. If we totally faked the moon landings, we'd eventually be found out. You really think some of the best minds in the world at the time wouldn't think to themselves "You know, technology will likely advance to a point where they'll be able to tell if there's been moon landings or not sometime in the near future?" Or take into account that the Russians were likely monitering us very closely. Or the amount of people who'd have to keep their mouths shut about all this, which would likely include hundreds of people? I'm fairly sure most of you aren't professors in physics or experts in 1960-70's moon landing photography gear when used on the lunar surface. You can use a bit of common sense though, so try giving that a go before buying into ridiculous conspiracy theories.
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