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Re: Dark Plague

"Sakura.....are you alright?" Lee asked, in a sad tone.

"Yes. I, I'm ok. We should..." Sakura said as she wiped away her tears, but stood strong.

"They're not very far from here. I can still see them with my Byakuugan." Neji stated as he stared into the forest in the direction Maikeru and Itachi headed.

Mean while, Sasuke is shown still fuming from what had just happened, skipping through trees and branches. He felt anger that his opportunity to finally avenge the Uchiha's was gone. And at the same time, he felt regret for what he had done to Sakura. He'd done it out of anger and frustration. "Damnit." Sasuke said. Sasuke stopped in his tracks, and quickly knipped at the bottom side of his thumb, and used a hand seal to summon a tracker snake. It wasn't very large, but it's tracking abilities (using it's forked tongue to catch scents in the air) was outstanding. A cloud of smoke arose, and out of that puff of smoke slithered out a small snake.

"Yesssss, masssster Oroch.....i..." The snake uttered as his face grew shocked and somewhat scared. "Uchiha Sassssuke? How did you?" the snake said.

"I am in control. I need you to track someone for me. Quickly." Sasuke demanded, as he pulled out his sword, which still had blood stains from Itachi.

(Thisss child....defeated the mighty Orochimaru? How, ssscary!) "Ssso you're going after your brother? Are you truly ready for thisss?" The snake hissed as it's tongue flickered all around the sword rapidly, catching every scent on that sword, but focusing on Itachi's scent.

"Yes, I'm more than ready. Now hurry." Sasuke said.

"I have his ssscent. But before I take him to you, I mussst asssk. Are we free of him?" the snake asked curiously.

"Yes. From Orochimaru, you're free." Sasuke said.

"I sssee." the snake said, as he lowered his face and thought to himself (The child mussst have the contract then).

Mean while, over at another area of the forest, we see Itachi skipping through trees with Naruto over his shoulder, trapped in a genjutsu that pretty much keeps him asleep. But Itachi keeps stopping for breaks because of his wound. While Maikeru also skips with Itachi, his ankle is injured and has been limping ever since.

"I think we're far enough. You should heal us." Itachi said, as he stopped on a branch, and slumped Naruto on it.

"Yeah. You're right." Maikeru said, as blue chakra began to swirl around his right hand, he leaned downwards, and began healing his ankle. "Why did you allow your little brother to strike you like that?" Maikeru asked.

"I didn't." Itachi said, as he looked away.

"You mean to tell me he's actually caught up to you, in terms of speed? How rich!" Maikeru said smiling. "You'd better watch yourself then, Mr. Grand Uchiha." Maikeru mocked, as he stood up, with his ankle as good as new. "Let's go." he said.

"......" Itachi was silent, as he expected to be healed also.

"Oh, right." Maikeru said, as he rolled his eyes. He placed his hand over the wound and began healing. "Don't get used to this." Maikeru said, as the branch beneath them broke in the speed of light, and Itachi, Maikeru, and Naruto all fell.

"Wonderful." Maikeru said as he fell. "The hell!?" he shouted.

Lee rushed in with the first gate open, grabbed Naruto before he could hit the ground, and zipped back to where Neji and Sakura stood. "Take him, Sakura." Lee said, as he handed over Naruto to her. Neji stared at Maikeru with his Byakuugan activated.

"Naruto? I see. It's a genjutsu." Sakura discovered, as she was on the ground with Naruto in her arms.

"We won't allow you to go any further." Neji stated as he hit a cool looking martial arts pose.

"If you are like Sasuke, then this won't take very long!" Lee said confidently, as he began unwrapping his wrist bands.

In zoomed Kakashi and Gai (sorry folks, no Dynamic Entry). Both in fighting stances. Both Neji and Lee had shocked looks on their faces, because it was their mission. Sakura wondered what was going on, but she imagined the enemy must be incredibly strong for those two to show up like this.

"We will take it from here. Sakura, he is under a genjutsu." Kakashi said, as he lifted up his forehead protector, revealing his Sharingan.

"Right! I'll snap him out of it!" Sakura said confidently.

" that right?" Maikeru said.

"Maikeru, do not take these two lightly. They're both skilled Jounins from Konoha (this could get dangerous)." Itachi warned.

"Pffft! (They must have some skill for Itachi to warn me like this. Brat.)" Maikeru said and thought.

"Our orders were to..." Neji said, as he came out of his pose.

"We know, Neji. However, after some research with Tsunade, we've realized that they will be too much for you." Gai said, with an angry look on his face, staring at Itachi.

"Gai-sensei! I will follow your orders!" Lee said proudly.

"Pawn." Maikeru mocked at Lee.

"Lee, don't engage him in battle. He is from the country of Heaven." Gai said.

"Where is that?" Neji asked.

"It's far away, but we know that he is a Hokage level...." Gai said as he was interrupted.

"Idiot. Anyone from the country of Heaven is Hokage level by your silly Konoha standards. Actually, from what I've seen, your little green friend there, and the Hyuuga would be considered Genins in the country of Heaven." Maikeru said.

They all had shocked looks on their faces. Looks of disbelief. As they chatted, Sakura dispelled Itachi's genjutsu on Naruto, and he watched and wondered what was going on.

"K..Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, as he rubbed his eyes, still on the ground.

"Naruto, we'll need you to serve as our back up here. Neji, Lee, Sakura, you three head back to the village and have Sai and Kurenai come at once. We didn't have time to brief theme on..." Kakashi said.

"Are we going to fight, Kakashi? This is taking quite some time." Itachi said.

"Itachi, grab the Kyuubi brat. I will take care of these two." Maikeru said, as Kakashi and Gai struck defensive poses.

"Sakura, Lee, Neji, go! Now!" Gai shouted.

"Yes!" they all said.

"Wait! Why do they have to leave?" Naruto asked innocently.

"Because you're all weak, and the adult green one doesn't want all of you dead." Maikeru's clone said, as it appeared behind Naruto.

"When....when did he, form any hand seals?!" Naruto thought to himself as his eyes widened in shock.

"What speed! My Sharingan couldn't even catch it!" Kakashi thought to himself.

The clone struck Naruto in the back, which instantly knocked him out, as the clone grabbed Naruto before he could hit the ground.

"Hiiiiiiiya!!!" Gai yelled as he swiftly kicked the clone and made it disappear.

Another clone, this time from Itachi, raced towards Gai, but Kakashi met the clone with a kunai to the throat, making it disappear also.

"Impressive speed, Kakashi." Itachi said.

"I won't say it again. You three, take Naruto back to the village and alert Sai and Kurenai!" Kakashi demanded.

Neji, Lee, and Sakura, with Naruto on hand, all fled from the battle.

"You're going to pay for this, you one eyed Sharingan freak!" Maikeru said, angrily, as his murderous intent grew.

Mean while, Sasuke is following the lead from his summoned snake.

"Dare I asssk, how did you kill master Orochimaru?" the snake asked curiously.

"He was no match for my Sharingan. That's all you need to know. Are we close?" Sasuke said.

"Yesss, we are very clossse." the snake hissed.

Mean while, back at Konoha.....we see Tsunade totally stressed out at her desk, pacing left and right near her window. "I hope they're enough." Tsunade said, worringly.

"I'm sure they will be fine." Shizune said, even though she too was worried.

"Did you read his file? Shizune, he can easily wipe the floor with anyone of us, including myself and Jiraiya together!" Tsunade said, annoyed. "But, I can't leave the village, and Kakashi and Gai are the most powerful Jounins we have. Has Jiraiya contacted you back yet?" Tsunade asked.

"No, not yet Tsunade-sama." Shizune said.

"Damnit!" Tsunade shouted as she punched a small hole through a wall.

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