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Re: Dark Plague

"Hm. Someone like him, able to open up all the gates?" Maikeru said, with a surprised look on his face.

"G....Gai....." Kakashi barely said, as his body twitched. Maikeru looked down at Kakashi, with his dark eyes activated.

"You didn't live up to everything my former master told me." Maikeru said. "I do hope your Hokage is stronger than you." Maikeru didn't have much time to say anything else, as Gai, with insane speed, and the will of a lion, seemed to have teleported infront of Maikeru. (What....the....hell.....) Maikeru thought to himself, as he slowly lifted his face to Gai.

"This is going to get ugly." Sasuke said from above, electricity flowing through his hand.

Back at Sakura, Itachi had just reached her location. (Damnit! I can't do much against him! Naruto!!!) She thought to herself, as she had her hand hidden underneath Naruto's body, slowly healing him back from the wound Itachi had given him.

"I will be taking him now." Itachi said. His Sharingan wasn't activated, as he underestimated Sakura, and felt he didn't need it to go up against her.

"I won't let you." Sakura said calmly, as she stood up from Naruto's side, and clenched her fists.

Back at the bigger fight at hand, we have Gai, who's unleashing the final gates on Maikeru.

"You will die now." Gai said, right infront of Maikeru, face to face. Gai was oozing tons of chakra from his body in a huge whirlwind, with a possessed look on his face. He went to swing at Maikeru....

"How can you hit me if...if.." Maikeru said, trying to use his dark eyes against Gai in a way that the Sharingan allows it's user to see attacks clearly, and in some cases, predict their movements, allowing the user time to dodge and counter. However, with all gates open, Gai's speed was unimaginable. (Shit! I'm being forced into this by this low life!) Maikeru thought to himself quickly, as Gai began to pummel the hell out of Maikeru's body. Gai attacked relentlessly. Every strike hit hard, and hit it's target. No clones were made, as Gai was too fast for Maikeru to generate clones. Each strike made the ground, sea, and air around them trumble and roar.

"......." Neji and Lee thought, as they arrived, and saw Gai attacking Maikeru with everything he had.

"Kakashi!" Neji shouted, as he ran towards his beaten, bloodied body.

"What a monster." Lee said, calmly, as he watched Gai put an end to this fight.

Gai's final blows were a mixed bag of elemental strikes, some of fire taijutsu strikes, and some of wind based strikes, which physically pummeled Maikeru's body, burned him, and delivered severe cuts to his body. There was so much ruckus that Lee had to kick and punch away some smaller rocks that broke apart from the ground that flew through the air.

"This isn't good, Lee. Kakashi may die if he stays in this condition." Neji said.

"We can take Kakashi to help now. There's no way this monster could have survived this."Lee said confidently with a shiny smile.

Gai struck and connected with the final blows to Maikeru, which no one saw but Neji, with his Byakuugan. There was too much smoke and chaos for a clear view of just what Gai had done to Maikeru for Lee and Sasuke to catch. Suddenly, Maikeru's body was thrown incredibly fast out of the smoke and rubble, crashing through several trees.

"You did it Gai-sensei!" Lee shouted in joy. "Sensei?"

Gai was on one knee, coughing up alot of blood, as the poison was reaching it's final stages. Add to that, Gai had just used all gates in battle. Gai fell to the ground, holding his chest and gasping for air, with his body virtually crippled after having performed such a task. Lee's face was in true shock.

"Gai-sensei! Everything will be fine! I will take you to...." Lee said, as he zipped to Gai's broken, dying body.

"Lee...I'm, I'm sorry. (blood cough) While, I did end the fight. I fear I don't have the strength to go on. Lee, I am also poisoned. (more blood coughing up)" Gai said.

"S....sensei....I, I will get Sakura-chan! She is strong and will create an antidote and you will be fine! You will see!" Lee said, as he prepared to rush to Sakura some how.

"Lee! I'm sorry, Lee!" Gai said, as he coughed up more blood, his body in severe pain and agony, as he began to shed tears.

"Sensei! Don't speak like that! You will be....." Lee said, also shedding some tears.

"How....." Neji said, in shock.

"D...dead...." Maikeru said, as he slowly entered the area again.

"He really is incredible." Sasuke said.

"You, will be, dead." Maikeru said, softly, as he appeared before Neji, Lee, Sasuke, and what little was left of Kakashi and Gai.

(Naruto! Wake up! You should have completely healed by now!) Sakura thought to herself. Itachi rushed towards Sakura, and all she could do was brace herself. She swung a punch at an incoming Itachi, which Itachi easily dodged. She swung a few more times, and missed every time. Itachi dodged her attacks easily, and kicked her in the gut, which sent her back a bit. (I can't even hit him! And he doesn't even have his Sharingan activated! There must be some other way.) Sakura thought.

"I won't kill you right now, but you won't stand in my way." Itachi said, as he suddenly appeared behind her. She had a O_O expression. Itachi raised his arm to strike her down, but was punched away from her.

"Yo!" Naruto said, with an angry face. Itachi looked annoyed.

Back at the battle ground, some how, Maikeru survived Gai's onslaught of rapid, powerful attacks. But how?

"MONSTER!" Lee yelled, as he made a fist in the air.

"How (cough, blood....), how could he have, survived?" Gai said.

"Speed....." Kakashi barely said to Neji.

"What?" Neji asked.

"S...speed. Someone, faster than him." Kakashi said, looking into the trees, beyond Neji. Neji, with his Byakuugan activated, watching the fight, hadn't even noticed (hard to believe, eh?) Sasuke's presence. He looked back and up into the trees, and noticed Sasuke.

"You've stood there watching and done nothing to help?" Neji asked, a bit irritated with Sasuke.

"It's none of my concern." Sasuke said quietly.

"Coward." Neji said, as he turned his attention to Lee and Gai.

The dust settled, and everyone saw Maikeru emerge with strange markings on his body (still has his Akatsuki cloak on, although it's pretty beaten up).

"He has the cursed seal?" Sasuke said in wonder.

"The cursed seal." Neji said, as he rememberd his fight against Kidomaru in his cursed seal forms.

"I'm amazed. This green freak actually forced me into this form." Maikeru said, with his cursed seal released. It was a strange mix of the usual CS markings, mixed with Sharingan and Byakuugan patterns. "That certainly was a close call." Maikeru said.

Sasuke appeared before Lee and Neji, and Maikeru.

"What is your relationship to Orochimaru?" Sasuke asked, a bit upset. He thought he was the strongest container, with the cursed seal forms.

"He is nothing to me. As I'm sure he is to you, boy." Maikeru said.

"How is it you have the cursed seal forms?" Sasuke asked.

"Are you some sort of moron? You yourself should know how I got this curse of his." Maikeru said.

"One last thing. Before I kill you." Sasuke said in a serious tone.

"....." Neji and Lee thought. Lee, still by Gai's side.

"You could do nothing to me before. What makes you think..." Maikeru said.

"I was testing you." Sasuke said, with a smile on his face. "Now then, are you stronger than Itachi?" Sasuke asked.

"I can kill him if I wanted to. Does that answer your dumb question?" Maikeru said.

"That's all I needed to know." Sasuke said as he prepared for battle.
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