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Re: Dark Plague

"Naruto-kun." Itachi said, calmly.

"Uchiha Itachi!" Naruto said.

Itachi quickly activated his Sharingan.

"You won't get away this time!" Naruto shouted. "Kage No Bunshin!" Naruto shouted.

"Hm." Itachi thougt to himself, as a mod of about 20 Naruto clones rushed Itachi. They all tried to strike Itachi in mass, but Itachi quickly dispatched them all with basic taijutsu and speed. "What?" Itachi said as he looked up in the air to see Naruto headed down onto Itachi with rasengan in hand. This time Itachi ran out of the way instead of using a clone. The rasengan made a big explosion, as usual, as Sakura used a jump kick on Itachi. Itachi easily blocked it, but he had no idea that she was physically strong, and the kick nearly broke Itachi's forearms, and sent him flying. Sakura landed from the kick with a confident look on her face.

"What monstrous strength." Itachi said, in pain from his forearms.

Back at the bigger scene, we have Sasuke getting ready for battle, along with Lee and Neji. Kakashi is still pretty much out of it, and Gai...well, so sad. =\

"Heh. Who knew I'd be facing off against two brats and one of my old masters projects." Maikeru said.

"Keep still, this won't hurt much." Sasuke said, as he appeared behind Maikeru with frightening speed. Maikeru, with his dark eyes activated, wasn't even able to catch Sasuke. He looked back in shock, as Sasuke drove his sword through Maikeru, but was met with a poof sound.

"I see. So you really were just testing me." Maikeru said, seemingly out of sight.

"Lee." Gai said as he tried to sit up, but couldn't.

"Gai-sensei!" Lee said next to Gai on the ground.

"Lee. You must match or exceed Sasuke's speed in this battle." Gai said softly.

"Yes, Gai-sensei!" Lee said.

Maikeru suddenly appeared on the ground, almost by force. Neji had caught Maikeru in the air with a swift attack, which drove Maikeru down.

"Where is the white haired boy?" Maikeru asked Sasuke.

"Stop asking such non-sense." Sasuke said impatiently.

"Hm. He could have easily defeated you. I do wonder where the rest of them are." Maikeru said.

"GAI-SENSEI!" Lee shouted, as he noticed Gai stopped breathing.

"Don't cry for him, boy. He was destined to lose like this." Maikeru said.

"You talk too much." Neji said as he attempted a few strikes at Maikeru, all of which he blocked. Neji was then pushed away when Maikeru released some of his dark chakra.

Sasuke then struck Maikeru in the face with a punch, and landed another punch. Maikeru was staggered for a few seconds, but rebounded with an open palm thrust to Sasuke's gut, and a few hard punches to his face, which sent Sasuke back a bit. Neji then jumped lept over Sasuke with a jump kick, which Maikeru easily dodged. They traded strikes in impressive fashion. It was reminiscent of when Neji fought Hinata at the Chunnin exams. Both ninja's blocking and dodging taijutsu strikes like professionals. This went on for a minute or so until Maikeru grew impatient and finally caught Neji with a chop to the side of his neck, a couple of punches to his face, and kicked him passed an incoming Sasuke, with sword in hand.

Neji hit the ground, but not as hard as expected. "Was he weakning?" Neji thought to himself. He looked up from the ground, and noticed Lee infront of Gai's body. Motionless. Beyond that, you can see a fire lit up in Lee's eyes. His fists grinded into the floor, with some blood trickling through his fists. His tears had dried up, even though his heart had been broken. His sensei had died right infront of him.

Sasuke attacked with his sword, striking constantly at Maikeru , as if to pierce, but not cut. Maikeru dodged most of the attacks. Sasuke's speed was very impressive, even to Maikeru. Well, at least his speed was impressive when he tried. Sasuke managed to pierce Maikeru a few times in his upper body, sending Maikeru backwards.

"Not now. I can't be losing this much energy at this point already! Damn this cursed form and bloodline limit!" Maikeru thought to himself, as he jumped backwards, putting some space between him, Sasuke, and Neji. But Maikeru was met with a jaw dropping kick to the face courtesy of Lee, with lightning speed. The kick sent Maikeru in a tornado twisting motion in the middle of the air, and he hit the ground pretty hard.

"You killed my sensei!" Lee shouted, as he pounced on Maikeru, unleashing one relentless attack after another, with incredible speed. Maikeru tried to fend off the attacks, but being in cursed seal form, along with having his dark eyes activated for so long at it's maximum strength was draining his energy fast, and as result, wasn't able to dodge and counter all of Lee's attacks. As Lee continued his attacks, connecting with many of his strikes, Neji snuck in behind Maikeru and hit Maikeru with a few devastating strikes, blocking off some of his chakra holes. The attacks from Neji pushed Maikeru into Lee, who caught Maikeru with a hard uppercut. (I can't be defeated. Not like this!) Maikeru thought to himself, as he began blocking and dodging more attacks. He then noticed Sasuke to the side, with some electrical currents running through his hand, with the ground breaking apart below his hand, as if some unforseen force were pushing apart the earth. (What is he doing?) Maikeru thought. He quickly sent a clone to attack Sasuke, but was met with a strike from his sword.

"Enough!" Maikeru shouted, as he caught two kicks from Lee and Neji, grabbed them by their ankles, spun them around, and was prepared to slam them into some very thick trees. However, things didn't go how he wanted, as he just stood there, with blood dripping from the side of his mouth. Sasuke was face to face with Maikeru. "This is the power of a real Uchiha. Not a fake imitation." Sasuke said, as his Chidori pierced completely through Maikeru's chest, also breaking apart any nearby trees behind Maikeru. Maikeru had no choice but to release Lee and Neji.

"You three...." Maikeru said, as he began gasping, and stood on one knee. "You're strong." Maikeru said, as he looked up at Neji, Lee, and Sasuke, who stood infront of him, as if they were his superiors. Maikeru then looked down, and wished he could have lived a normal life, before Orochimaru came along. "A true Uchiha, yes. But I was infused with the DNA of the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans. I am destined to survive this. I am stronger." He said softly. "And, I will not be defeated. I can't be. I have the three strongest bloodline limits within me!" he said.

"Three?" Neji asked.

"Oh, that's right. You're from Konoha. You've not seen the wonders, nor the monstrosities this world holds." Maikeru said, as a strange black chakra began to be released from Maikeru.

"His chakra is growing." Neji said.

"I guess this is your second cursed form?" Sasuke asked.

"No, idiot. I see I won't do much better against you three even in that form. I'll go straight to the final form." Maikeru said, as he looked up and them.

They all had looks of surprise. His wounds had been healed, his eyes were....different. They still had typical Byakuugan/Sharingan features, but...something was different. More black chakra began to cover Maikeru up, as the three ninja's jumped backwards. A few seconds later, some of the chakra began to disappear, revealing Maikeru, on his feet, in some sort of 'final' transformation. It was quite different from the cursed seal 2 forms, in which the users usually looked pretty fugly. He looked more streamlined. He had this strange air of power, and his murderous intent was off the charts. Maikeru had some chains attached attached to his wrists, each link having some sharp spikes attached also, and at the end, were very dangerous looking hooks. Maikeru's eyes were shut during this process of entering cursed seal form 3 (final form). He stood there, not moving at all, but this strange ominous feeling struck Sasuke, Lee, and Neji. Wind blew through the air, and Maikeru began to wrap the chains around his hands, up until his hands were able to hold onto the hooks, making his hands bleed quite a bit.

"I won't die alone." Maikeru said, as he used an unknown jutsu. "Divine Release: Blood Course!!" he shouted. He then jumped high into the air, as many strange red, solid polls rose from the ground, breaking the earth apart from below. Maikeru landed and stood on one of the many. He then opened up his Akatsuki cloak, and with his two hooks in hand, dug them deep into his flesh, peeling it away. It was a grotesque scene to behold, as the three ninja's watched on in disgust. Blood began to pour out of his body, and down into the earth's cracks. Sasuke felt something very odd about Maikeru's blood. It wasn't normal. Suddenly, a large amount of blood began rising from below, creating a rather large, deep, wide, sea of blood. Neji, Sasuke, and Lee quickly hopped onto the red polls, and all three were pretty shocked, as they watched the sea of blood continue rising, covering the entire forest up in blood. Literally.

The earth began to tremble.

"What is that?" Sakura asked.

"I, I don't know! It sounds strong!" Naruto said.

(He was forced to use that form, and that technique. How foolish.) Itachi thought to himself.

Suddenly, the same red polls began to spring up near the area Naruto, Sakura, and Itachi were in.

"What's going on!?" Naruto yelled.

"Naruto!!" Sakura yelled, from atop one of the polls. "Look!" she pointed at the huge wave of blood headed their way. Naruto's face was sort of like: :O

"You're an abomination!" Neji said.

"No. I am gifted. Just like you." Maikeru said, as he began to open his eyes.

"This wasn't part of the plan." Itachi said, a bit worried.

"This doesn't change anything. You will still die here." Sasuke said.

"Mangekyo....." Maikeru began to say.

"What!?" Sasuke shouted.

End Chapter 5
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