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Re: ManHunt 2 for Wii gets an AO rating and the game is banned in UK and Ireland

That is seriously messed up stuff in the spoiler tag there. I thought the first manhunt game wreaked of torture and voilence and extreme gore. This one is probably one of the most brutal games you could possibly imagine, the stalking and brutal killing seems to be true, since the first Manhunt game to come out was (in my opinion) deserving of some kind of honor or award for being an extremely gorey and bloody game.

I'd like to see a trailer of this game just so I could judge for myself how this is considered an AO ranked game. Also I have a question, how in hell are you supposed to get an AO game if retailers don't sell them? What do you order them online or something? About the spoiler tag in the first post, I think that actualy constitutes nudity as well as violence.

Also, if it helps, this is the official guideline for ESRB's AO rating:
Titles rated AO (Adults Only) have content that should only be played by persons 18 years and older. Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes of intense violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity.
What you stated suggests nudity, and intense violence goes without saying. I've never heard of another game that allowed prolonged torture and massive slaughter like this one. I'm not sure how the game would work, however, in the last one you started out as a man who was on death row for multiple homicide, and just as you should have gotten the needle, you woke up in some mysterious world, trapped by someone who wanted you to kill to survive. You basically sneak up on people and deliver very bloody finishing moves on them, you can fight with anything from a nail gun (and this is a particularly bloody weapon) to a crowbar, the longer you hold down the button, the higher the level, the more brutal the finishing move. This game must be even worse, and it must have more violence than you'll ever see in your life to be considered AO, I promise you that.

Also, here's something from GamePolotics (Note: Do not read if you are offended by depictions of acts of voilence):
In Manhunt 2, players can saw their enemies’ skulls in half; mutilate them with an axe; castrate them with a pair of pliers; and kill them by bashing their heads into an electrical box, where it is blown apart by a power surge. On Wii, players will not merely punch buttons or wield a joy stick, but will actually act out this violence…
I don't know about you but I could only imagine seriously sadistic people trying to play this game on the Wii. PS2 and PSP might slide with an M Rating for Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, and Nudity, but the Wii I can't imagine it getting any less than an AO.
If ever there was a time for the ESRB’s strongest and most unambiguous rating, it is now. An Adults Only rating is the only way to limit children’s exposure to this unique combination of horrific violence and interactivity…

An “M” rating is more like a wink and a nod than an effective safeguard. The industry appears to be going through its paces, but as the FTC’s most recent data show, these games are still being marketed to children.
I have to agree with this, this game deserves AO like nothing I've ever seen before, it's actually a bit worse than having pornography or sexual depictions in a game to have such interactive violence and torture sessions. The "M" rating has never been taken seriously, except by seriously strict parents, but most just ignore it anyway or break down from nagging by their kids. I've seen M Games rated M for Blood, Gore, Intense Violence, and Sexual Themes, but that's about all they can get away with without getting an AO.
Video games are among the most powerful educational tools yet developed… players experience and learn the game’s skills, whether they be based in strategy, logic, or violence. The content of Manhunt 2 and the unique physical interaction with the Wii control combine to take this simulation a level closer to reality - we can expect that the effects of this experience will be even greater.
I agree 100%, the fact is that kids pay too much attention to video games and too little to the real world and what should happen in it. Grand Theft Auto is actually sometimes used as a virtual reality training video for a gang, and it's actually a very close depiction of gang violence and business. Actually acting out casturating someone with a pair of pliers is going way too far for an M Rated game on the Wii, no arguing there.

Bottom line, this game deserves its AO rating more than any game I've ever heard of to date.
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