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Re: Dark Plague

When last we left off, Maikeru was about to use his Mankekyo Sharingan, but Sasuke rudely interrupted.

"What?!" Sasuke shouted, as he zipped from pole to pole, drew his sword, and attempted to slice Maikeru in half. Things hadn't worked out quite that way.

" that?" Neji asked, as he noticed tons of, chakra, down below into the sea of blood. Were they people? Who knows. He noticed several air bubbles rising from many points near them.

"You're very hasty." Maikeru said calmly, as he swung one of his chains at Sasuke. The hook at the end clung onto Sasuke's sword, and Maikeru, being more physically stronger, pulled the chain and sword over to another direction. The sword sunk into the sea of blood, when Neji caught a hand pulling it down even further.

"Lee....we can't allow ourselves to fall in there." Neji said.

"What's happened to Gai-sensei's body?" Lee asked.

"I don't know, Lee. But I do see different chakra sources within the blood." Neji said.

"What does it mean?" Lee asked.

"It means that my minions are down there. Waiting." Maikeru said, as he knocked Sasuke back to a pole near Lee and Neji.

"Is he really giving Maikeru this much trouble? For him to have used such a powerful forbidden jutsu...." Itachi thought to himself, as he stared at Naruto.

"Sakura-chan! Stay near me!" Naruto commanded.

"Yes!" Sakura said.

"Your brute strength won't come in handy here." Itachi said to Sakura. (I can't allow them to knock me in there.) He thought to himself.

"You have to have a weakness!" Sakura said angrily.

"Damn! He's much stronger and faster now!" Sasuke said, looking a bit beaten up.

"Indeed." Maikeru said, as he began to slowly swing his whips around himself in circles, with the two individual hooks in dangerous range of the others. Maikeru then began to walk slowly to them, while swinging his chains and hooks.

"I don't like this..." Neji said, a bit worried. He was still very unsure of just what was in the sea of blood. But he had no time to ponder, as he had to move quickly from pole to pole because Maikeru's hooks had quickly turned deadlier, and began destroying the poles he and Lee stood on. The faster Maikeru swung his chains, the more lethal the hooks became.

"He's very skilled!" Lee said, a bit upset at the thought of being trumped by the killer of his sensei.

"We can't beat him here." Sasuke said calmly.

"Where do you propose we defeat him then? We're what seems like miles within the borders of the blood." Neji said with an attitude.

"Stay close you two." Sasuke said. But had to react fast.

"Gah!!!!" Neji shouted.

"Acckk!!!" Lee shouted. Maikeru's hooks had penetrated their flesh, and made deep gashes. One in Neji's right arm, and one in Lee's left outter thigh. Neji held his right arm with his left in pain, while Lee struggled to stay upright, as they both bled a bit.

"Yes. Bleed for them." Maikeru said, as he looked downwards. His dark eyes allowed him to see them clearly. Not just as chakra. His legion of dead shinobi, floating, waiting...within the sea of blood. Waiting for anything to drop in there.

Back at the Naruto/Sakura-Itachi fight, Naruto had just used his clone jutsu, summoning a massive army of Naruto clones.

"If I beat you, then Sasuke can come back home!" Naruto shouted, as he and his army charged at Itachi.

"The same trick? Hm." Itachi said confidentally, as he began picking apart the clones. As he did this, Sakura used henge to transform into one of Naruto's clones and get in close range.

"Just a bit closer!" Sakura thought to herself, hoping Itachi wouldn't just knock her away like the rest of the clones. Itachi suddenly noticed the real Naruto, with two clones by his left and right sides. They were charging up his Rasengan on each hand.

"You think making more of those will help, Naruto-kun?" Itachi said, when he was suddenly knocked forwarded forcefully by one of Naruto's clones. But this one was different. It's powerful was massive, and did a good deal of physical damage to Itachi, as he flew towards Naruto, his two clones, and his two Rasengans. (Shit!) Itachi thought to himself.

"Gotcha!" Sakura shouted, as she transformed back. Itachi looked back at her with his Sharingan eyes, surprised he fell for it.

"I've got you now!!" Naruto shouted as he began to run at Itachi with both Rasengans in hand, and his two clones poofed away.

"Do you?" Itachi said, as his Sharingan eyes made direct contact with Naruto's eyes. And in one blink of his eyes, Naruto suddenly found himself still on the poles, with his two Rasengans penetrating two bodies.

"I did it." Naruto said, as he looked up. "" he said. "NO!!!" he shouted, as he saw one Rasengan penetrated Sasuke's body, and the other penetrated Sakura's body.

"Damn you!" Lee shouted, as he struggled upwards, and tried to jump kick Maikeru, but Maikeru quickly grabbed Lee's foot and tossed him aside like trash. Lee was careful to not drop into the sea of blood. Maikeru looked over at Lee, surprised that he was still able to do anything on that wounded leg of his, as Neji tried to strike Maikeru down with some attacks to close off his chakra points. All of which Maikeru defended against, without even looking at Neji.

"Damn him! He has great range of vision!" Neji thought to himself, as Maikeru hit Neji with a hard punch to the face, which knocked him back.

"You three bore me." Maikeru said, as he wrapped his chains around his arms until he got a hold of both hooks. "They want more blood. It won't be mine." Maikeru said, as he rushed towards Sasuke and Neji, hooks in hand, attacking quickly with great speed, using taijutsu strikes. He swung a few punches at Neji, who actually dodged them, however, the next few he couldn't dodge, as they came at him with greater speed, and ended up being cut a few times around his cheeks and chest areas. Maikeru then quickly kicked an incoming, airborne Sasuke, away, and quickly jumped into the air himself, and met Sasuke up there.

"What is his weakness?!" Neji thought to himself, as he began to compose himself, and noticed blood falling from above, and saw Sasuke falling downwards to the sea of blood like a missile. Suddenly, Lee appeared literally out of no where, wounded leg and all, and caught Sasuke.

"Let...let go of me!" Sasuke said, a bit irritated with himself, and the situation.

"Lee, your leg. How are you..." Neji said.

"I've opened the first gate." Lee said. "I had no other choice. I can't fight like this for long, Neji." Lee said.

"I know. We have to defeat him now." Neji said.

"Not like this." Sasuke said, dripping Uchiha blood into the sea of red. "You two, get as near to him as possible." Sasuke said.

"Why?" Neji asked.

"Just do it. I think I know how to beat him." Sasuke said. Neji didn't trust him, but there weren't many options.

Back at the other battle, Naruto had just dug his dual-Rasengans into Sakura, and what appears to be Sasuke.

"S...Sasuke! Sakura!" Naruto shouted, as he watched both of them be tossed aside with great force from the impacts. He then saw Itachi standing there.

"No. This, this is another genutsu!" Naruto said. "I won't fall for this!" he said.

"Go!" Sasuke shouted, as he saw both Lee and Neji race over to Maikeru.

"Idiots. A direct attack won't do you any good." Maikeru said, as he struck a defensive pose.

"Perfect...." Sasuke said, as he stood up onto a pole, and began walking towards Maikeru, making direct eye contact with him.

"Well now...." Maikeru said, as he found himself in what seemed like another dimension. Both Lee and Neji looked confused, but quickly backed away and near to Sasuke. "This is no genjutsu." Maikeru said.

"No. It isn't." Sasuke said.

"Where are we, Sasuke-kun?" Lee asked.

"My mental realm. Although our chances are better here, stay close." Sasuke said, slowly releasing his cursed seal, and going into CS1.

"Do you really think your chances have increased in here? How reckless." Maikeru said. (I can't stay like this for much longer...)

"What?" Lee said, as he heard a menacing laugh from the background.

"Keep quiet." Sasuke warned (not to Lee).

"Oh, Sasuke. You've found yourself entangled in a fight with my greatest creation? Dear me." Orochimaru said, held down forcefully by some unknown force.

"I said shut up!" Sasuke shouted.

"I see. You have our former master held in here. How ironic." Maikeru said, with a small smile.

"He was never my master, fool." Sasuke said.

"Really? Did he not infect you with this same cursed seal? And you, like a pawn, sought him out for power. I don't know exactly how things went, but I'm fairly sure at least that happened." Maikeru said.

"Poor Sasuke-kun could never have reached Uchiha Itachi's level on his own. were a fool to betray me." Orochimaru said, going from a gleeful tone, to a very serious tone.

"Why would I let someone weaker than me take my body?" Sasuke said, mocking Orochimaru. "You're no Uchiha. You're just garbage. You could never handle a body like mine." Sasuke taunted.

"Interesting. How was he able to bring me in here? Not even Itachi can do this. Nor I." Maikeru thought to himself.
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