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Re: Dark Plague

"I may be a shell of my former self, but rest assured, Sasuke, thta Itachi will kill you. And when he does, I will be here laughing at you." Orochimaru said.

"You haven't changed much, have you? You still talk too much." Maikeru said to Orochimaru.

"Be quiet!" Orochimaru demanded.

"Oh, Orochimaru. Don't be so rude. I do wonder what you ever saw in this child, though. To be your container. Was it just the Sharingan?" Maikeru asked.

"Idiot. He has the potential to surpass Itachi!" Orochimaru said. Maikeru then looked at Sasuke. He just stared at him, eye to eye, for a minute or so.

"This reunion is annoying me." Sasuke said.

"When you took me from my village, I never knew this would be how my life would end." Maikeru said to Orochimaru, even though he looked at Sasuke.

"You were my greatest creation. Be glad you were a part of that, ingrate!" Orochimaru hissed.

"Great creation?" Neji asked.

"Someone born with the incredible bloodline limit as he was, infused before birth with Uchiha and Hyuuga DNA. It was a guarantee that he'd be born with some form of Sharingan, only much stronger. Yes, great creation. I should say so." Orochimaru said. "Then you became weak!"

"Choosing to keep my own body doesn't make me weak, you old fool. Did you really think I'd let you take it? After what you'd done to me? After you nearly wiped out my village?" Maikeru said angrily. Sasuke just stood there listening.

"It doesn't matter anymore. You see, as Sasuke weakenes, I gain more strength. And now that I see you've survived....well, I can claim what's rightfully mine!" Orochimaru threatened.

"So, this is how he's stuck here. You brought him here and hold him in by force." Maikeru said to Sasuke.

"It was easy with my Sharingan." Sasuke said, as they both looked at Orochimaru.

"It's not that easy. As soon as I kill you....he'll take over your body. He won't die if you die. Assuming he's used his soul transfer technique." Maikeru said.

"I don't plan on dying." Sasuke said.

Maikeru suddenly felt a surge of hatred for Orochimaru again. His murderous intent had gone down towards the other three.

"You're just like me." Maikeru said. "This is why he wanted you."

"......" Sasuke thought.

"If I kill him, Orochimaru will be revived." Maikeru thought to himself.

"I do wonder what delicious jutsu you've gained during our time apart." Orochimaru said, as his snake tongue licked around his lips hungrily.

"I have a very special one for you. Would you like me to free you of your prison?" Maikeru asked. Sasuke looked at Maikeru, thinking he's crazy, and won't allow it. Suddenly, Sasuke held his long sword at Maikeru's neck with great speed. In his realm, he was able to reform his sword.

"How generous of you." Orochimaru said, a bit unsure.

"I won't let you." Sasuke said.

"I suddenly don't feel the same dislike of you that I do of Itachi. Also, do not threaten me." Maikeru said, as he pushed Sasuke away, sword in hand, with great speed and force, just be unleashing more of his chakra. Maikeru then quickly formed a seal, which Sasuke caught, as did Neji.

"Why....why did you perform my soul transfer technique?" Orochimaru asked, a bit nervously.

"Don't worry. You'll join me soon enough. I won't last very long anyway. Right? This form is extremely draining." Maikeru said, as he lowered his head, thinking back to when he was first introduced to Akatsuki through Orochimaru.


"It was foolish of you to bring him here, Orochimaru!" the blue haired girl said, within the Akatsuki base.

"Who are they, Orochimaru-sama?" a younger Maikeru asked curiously. Wearing your average villager clothing.

"They are an organization..." Orochimaru said.

"That's enough!" the Akatsuki leader shouted. "We gave you no orders to bring anyone here. Now we must kill him." he said.

"Good luck..." Orochimaru said, as he stepped away.

"Who the hell is this?" Kisame asked.

"It doesn't matter. Kill him." Itachi said.

Kisame rushed towards this stranger to Akatsuki without hesitation, Samehada in hand, ready to rip Maikeru to shreds. Maikeru then activated his dark eyes, which quickly caught Itachi's attention. Kisame swung his sword many times at Maikeru, who blocked every strike, eventually leading Kisame to make a nice gash on Maikeru's forearm.

"Oh my. How entertaining." Orochimaru said confidentally.

"Kisame, stop!" Itachi said, as he appeared next to Kisame.

"What is it??" Kisame asked anxiously.

"I will deal with him." Itachi said, as he looked into Maikeru's eyes. He felt a strange energy from him, and also felt his Sharingan slowly fading away, as if by force. Itachi shook it off, and attacked Maikeru with great speed and taijutsu. Maikeru blocked most of the attacks, and eventually jumped into the air, backwards, and used the Uchiha's grand fireball move on Itachi. (He didn't form any seals.) Everyone jumped out of the way. As the fireball made a large explosion within the base, there was lots of smoke and chaos around. Suddenly, everyone there heard noises that sounded like bones cracking, a muffled yell, and some sort of liquid dropping onto the ground. When the dust settled, Maikeru stood above Itachi, a bit bruised up himself. Itachi was on the ground, holding his leg in agony, and pretty bloody also.

"......." Everyone thought.

"Is there anyone else who wants to kill me?" Maikeru said arrogantly.


"Those were fun times, weren't they, Orochimaru?" Maikeru asked.

"What are you babbling about, fool?!" Orochimaru said.

"The time I defeated Itachi." Maikeru said, looking at Sasuke.

"........" Sasuke thought. Maikeru then reverted back, by force, to CS1. He looked at his arms, and saw he no longer had his chains and hooks, and his wounds returned.

Suddenly, Maikeru struck Sasuke down. Sasuke hit the ground like a bag of bricks. Lee and Neji tried to rush at him, but they were paralyzed with just one look from Maikeru's dark eyes.

"Do you have the Mangekyo Sharingan?" Maikeru asked, as he kicked Sasuke down a bit more.

"Grrr!!" Sasuke growled, as he got back up and attacked Maikeru. Maikeru allowed himself to be hit.

"Good." Maikeru said, quickly losing energy.

"Why are you doing this?" Sasuke asked, as he stood above Maikeru.

"Because we're similar. The difference is that you have the opportunity to be the avenger that I failed to be." Maikeru said, as he quickly used a hand seal, lifted his arms up, and out from the sleevs of his Akatsuki cload, flew many smaller snakes that were set on fire, at Sasuke. All of which, Sasuke dodged by jumping into the air, and quickly kicking Maikeru down.

"I don't want your pity!" Sasuke said.

"It's not pity I'm giving you." Maikeru said. "I'm giving you my memories." Sasuke didn't know what he meant.

Maikeru then reverted back to his base form.

"Hah! Fool. Letting Sasuke beat you down like this! Very shameful." Orochimaru said.

"Sasuke. When Itachi killed your parents....." Maikeru said.

"KEEP QUIET! Don't you dare!" Orochimaru yelled in anger. Maikeru just laughed at him.

"What do you know?!" Sasuke said.

"Well, I guess you'll know when you defeat Itachi." Maikeru said. He quickly used another hand seal, which released Orochimaru from Sasuke's grip.

"Good work. Now then..." Orochimaru said, as he stood up and looked at Sasuke.

"You're mine." Maikeru said with a smile.

"What?!" Orochimaru shouted, as he began to disappear from Sasuke's realm, and into Maikeru's realm. Maikeru then hit the ground in pain.

".............." Sasuke was speechless. Although, he did feel a strange connection to Maikeru.

"Transform, quickly." Maikeru said, as he held himself in pain, but stood up.

Sasuke went CS2, shocking both Lee and Neji with such an ugly transformation, but also both were freed from Maikeru's grip.

"Avenge them. You will need this to do so." Maikeru said.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE INSOLENT BASTARD!!!" Orochimaru shouted through Maikeru. Sasuke looked surprised by that, as he began the process of his Chidori.

"Thank you." Sasuke said, as he drove his Chidori through Maikeru's chest. Leaving a large hole through him, in his realm. Maikeru smiled for a bit, holding Orochimaru in, and coughed up quite a bit of blood.

"" Maikeru barely said. Sasuke felt a strange surge of power....

Sasuke released Lee, Neji, and Maikeru from his mental realm. Sasuke stood there on a pole, staring at Maikeru, with blood dripping down the side of his mouth down to the sea of blood.

"I WON'T DIE LIKE yes you will. You won't do this to anyone else YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I CREATED YOU and your creation will be your murderer." Maikeru said, as he slowly fell backwards, into his own created sea of blood, making a large splash.

"He is almost out of chakra." Neji said, as he saw Maikeru's minions tear Maikeru's body to shreds from below.

"S...Sasuke-kun?" Lee asked.

Sasuke stood there in silence, with his head lowered. The blood slowly began to recede back into the earth.

"This is what Itachi killed for." Sasuke said. "I can feel it's power."

"What are you talking about?" Neji asked.

"The Mangekyo Sharingan....." Sasuke said, as he lifted his head, looking up into the bright, blue sky, with his newly developed Mangekyo Sharingan.

End Chapter 6
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