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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by ITzANIllUZion View Post
hrmmm well damn..i dunno who to go gonna stick with say sasuke has super fast speed...but we really havnt see him..the only thing he did fast was get up on naruto...and i think that might have been a sushin he did..
i go with kakashi...cause we know how fast he is..his MS attack happens in an instant..just has to aim first...sauske wouldnt know what he was doing if kakashi was doing with the MS..sauske would be in shock and wondering how kakashi got it..and in that time..kakashi would have already aimed. Also..during the Gaara vs lee fight..when lee opend the gates...didnt kakashi pull out his sharingan rite when lee opend the gates..soo im sure kakashi at least knows how to open the gates...he has already used lee's little spinning thing...

im just gonna stick with kakashi

of course he knows how to open them he opened a thrid one when climbing the cliff in the chunnin exam arc. and yes he beats sasuke he is fast also his taijutsu is better since he rivals gai. his speed is great and like you said sasuke would be in shock that kakashi got the mks that he would already be in aonther dimension..
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