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Re: New naruto the 4th movie preview

Originally Posted by sikfearless0 View Post
Has anyone seen the new preview for the New naruto movie coming out in August? If you haven't here is a link to watch it,

I was just wondering what everyone thought about the movie now that they seen this preview. Everyone says naruto can't die but does anyone think that when he gets stabbed through the tourso he doesn't? Basically this thread is to talk about the movie now that we have more information about it. Discuss away.
Did it ever occur to you that it was a bushinn that was stabbed seeing how made many of them. Also i see people on other forums thing it has something to do with aka well let me make it clear now it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with aka.

first off that girl you see in the vid resembles the picture on wiki were it says that his movie has not one trace of aka.

Also this is an ova so it has nothing to do with the story just like the other 3 before it and the others before that for instince protect the hidden waterfall village it's the same thing like that it's a side story that's all much like the pokemon movies.

Back on topic:

naruto won't die in this movie it's all a pitch for other peple to come watch it an attraction basically naruto has the most plot protection and he definitely won't die in some ova that has nothing to do with the original story.

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