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Mikey i kinda of have to disagree on the whole sasuke using deidara to test his body hmm i doubt that.

he is going all out like crazy in the pic from 362 it looks like his left arm is gone for usage for the rest of this fight he is going hi all depite the fact he said he wanted deidara alive.

@Trey i don't know about that chakra comment i have proof. In the chunnin exam arc. when kakashi was teaching sasuke chidori he stated that sasuke is able to do 2 and that it was good for his age. Then he said "i myself can do 4 in one day" and after the time skip he was able to do 6 so i think chakra limit does increase.

I am also pretty sure that naruto can summon gamabuntan without a problem now he has grown a lot post time skip and has shown to have better chakra control he can easily do the rasengan now.
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