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Re: The Genius FC

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Shino is great, but he is still not the genius material we need. We need real prodigies, very few chose geniuses who have proved themselves more than once.
I think Haku and Sasori deserve being in. The rest are debatable.

You're not the only one who's lazy around here ^^
Copletely agree...I just feel like adding Naruto, Gai, Lee, Jiraiya and Sakura cheapens the rest...Even if they are some of the best shinobi around...As Shrike stated they just don't seem like genius material...However I DO think that Haku and Sasori are deserving...Lately I have also felt like Deidara is deserving as well...C4 does seem pretty powerful...But obviously he's still up for debate...And as for being lazy i am also in that group...Sometimes things are just to Troublesome...

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