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Re: The Genius FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Welcome. ^^ Grab a banner or mention the FC in your sig, please.
(and don't bash Sasuke =P)

Naruto learned a forbidden technique all alone in one night.
He learned the Rasengan in a week (it took the fourth like, two or three years to complete the technique).
With kage bushin, he can encompass years and years of training within a week (or well, b/c of his stamina as well).
He definitely learns quickly, imo.

Bah, I'm fine with all mentioned being added to the list. XD Sakura, Naruto, Lee, Gai, Jiraiya... Sasori, Haku, of course... Deidara, for his C4....

Shit, Shino for his tactics against Kankuro. I don't know if anyone read that post I shared, but I saw no holes in it. It just shows that Sasuke's tactics were very similar to the tactics Shino was using way back in Part I. XD lmao. I'm personally amused by that. X'D

Whenever we get the list completed, I'll create the Photobucket account. I guess I could go ahead and start though... ^^; But I'm lazy. lmao.
*sigh* I promise

anyway, adding sakura and shino would definitely be pushing it, shine you rarely see and you have no clue how good he is now, sakura has strength, but you have'nt seen much jutsu wise yet.
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