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Kenpachi Zaraki FC

Zaraki Kenpachi FC

-Zatch Bell_lover


Hey everyone, Welcome to Zaraki Kenpachi FC. Few rules: no flaming, no spamming, no double or more posting (you don't get post counts for replies in a FC, so it would just be plain rude to multi-post), and often visits.

FanFictions, fanart, and/or anything else creative that's Kenpachi-related is very welcome here. Activity can contradict the "no double post" rule, but they still have a limit (example: a fanfiction that wouldn't fit into one post could be put into two or three. Preferrably not any more.)

Here are some banners for public use, feel free to use them, modify them, and/or doodle on them. Also, you can use your own, or one from elsewhere, originality is greeted warmly.

I made the following, use the one(s) you like.

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